Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness

As a mother raising a child with a Traumatic Brain Injury acquired because of Shaken Baby Syndrome with Impact, please go sign this petition: and view this website about Sarah Jane.  View her on The Today Show.  Thanks a million!

Oh and yes, those photos are of Emma.  She was shaken and slammed by a caregiver when she was 11 months old.  When I have the time and in reality, the patience, I will post the complete story of with happened to her! 


  1. My heart breaks for you looking at these pictures. She's such a beautiful little girl and I can imagine you are thankful every day to have her! Sweet little Emma!

  2. Every single day, Salena. Thank you for commenting. I remember being so nervous to have her and then the day she came was unbelievable and then July 8, 2004.. she nearly died at 11 months. It still seems so surreal. I keep waiting for this nightmare to end but it never will. It has taken a long time to accept that Emma's life has been forever altered because of Shaken Baby Syndrome. We do everything we can to protect them, then one day... it's all dramatically altered. Never the same. The dreams are different. The hopes are different. But at the same time, we all have the same dreams for our children: to be happy, healthy and live a long life. Although Emma's version and somebody else's version are different but the bottom line is the same....

    Thanks again!

  3. i am touched with your story. i'm happy that emma survived and still became a happy and pretty little i have decided not to hire caregiver for my child because im afraid for her to have that syndrome..hope that you can post the whole story if you have time.i have a 7month old child.and i want to know the effects of a shaken baby. thanks.

  4. i am really touched with your story..emma is such a pretty little girl.i hope you could post the whole story if you have time so i can read it. now i have decided not to hire caregiver for my child..i will just take care of her on my own..


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