Jaime Loves Stuff : November 2008

Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness

As a mother raising a child with a Traumatic Brain Injury acquired because of Shaken Baby Syndrome with Impact, please go sign this petition:
http://www.thebrainproject.org/petition.asp and view this website about Sarah Jane.  View her on The Today Show.  Thanks a million!

Oh and yes, those photos are of Emma.  She was shaken and slammed by a caregiver when she was 11 months old.  When I have the time and in reality, the patience, I will post the complete story of with happened to her! 

The Great Southern Feast of November 2008...

Some of you may or may not be aware of my deep love of all foods that are comfort food and ethnic/cultural.  Well, anyways, my family and I had made a trip to Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles in South Phoenix.  Their moniker is "Da Best Food in Da Hood" and let me tell you, oh hell yes it is.  If you ever get the chance to be in Phoenix, head on South to Lo-lo's chicken and waffles and definitely eat the "Lo-Lo's Plate" which is 3 pieces of Southern Fried Chicken with the fabulous waffles.  I am drooling at this memory.  While we were there, we ordered Chicken gizzards with rice and gravy.. and man oh man they was delish.   Plus a huge mason jar of Red Kool Aid or Sweet Tea.  Fabulousness.

So last night my sister and brother decided "We can make it just as good as Lo-Lo's" and damn skippy, they sure did.  Right now, I am still too full to go into details but all I have to say is.. this is the Great Southern Feast of November 2008.  Remind me, though, to tell you about the Great Apple Butter Fiasco of 2003.  

Until I finish digesting last night's dinner, enjoy the photos from our trip to Lo-Los! 

Love this...

Nuf Said.  Beautiful and it makes me so weepy. 
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