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Burned Alive Burned Alive by Souad

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Absolutely heart wrenching. The prose and style isn't the best but what do you expect from somebody who isn't a professional author? Souad's words of physical pain, heartbreak, fear, and betrayal are real and touch to the very core. She gets her point across very clearly.

Souad was the victim of an attempted "Honor" murder by her family. She lost her virginity to a man who failed to keep his promise without being married and she brought "Shame" to her family and became pregnant. The effect was to kill her, but they failed. Her brother in law poured gasoline and lit her on fire. He did this with the full support of her father.

Souad is lucky she survived her severe injuries, her child survived and now lives a "normal" life in Europe.

I don't choose to go further and spoil it, however, pick it up, read it and think about what happened to Souad. One of the lucky ones.

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