Happy Tuesday!

It's Tuesday! YAY! No particular reason, but I try to maintain a positive outlook on every day!

I am also super stoke due to winning an advanced copy of THE WINDS OF TIME: An Analytical Study of the Titans Who Shaped Western Civilization - Master Edition!

I love history so this is even more exciting! Also, I received an advanced copy of Red to Black.

I have quite a few more coming so I am very excited. While my daughter is having surgery in July (it's a 3-5 hour MAJOR reconstructive surgery on her skull), I will have plenty to read during her sedated time. If you are curious about my daughter and would like to learn more, please head to my other blog:A Mother and her special needs daughter

I certainly would love some input on my blog. I love the background, but is my sidebar too busy? Or is it just unorganized? I certainly would LOVE your input!

Thanks again for allowing me to share with you and for you becoming a driving force in my blog world!

Jaime AKA BookNerd

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  1. Happy Tuesday to you as well. I wanted to welcome you, seen on Book Blogs that you are new.

    You will love it! :) Have fun and come chat with me any time! I do reviews, giveaways, and other fun book related stuff....


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