Rest in Peace Ed, Farrah and Michael.

Sad week in the entertainment industry.

My blog's focus is on written words, but right here and right now I want to pay respect to three important people in the entertainment world.

Just yesterday, June 24, 2009 we lost Ed McMahon. Ed McMahon was a long staple of "The Tonight Show" with his memorable "Heeeerrrreee's Johnny!". Rest in Peace Ed, rest in peace.

Just this morning, June 25, 2009, we lost our beautiful, style icon and Charlie's Angel, Farrah Fawcett. She succumbed to metastatic anal cancer. Rest in peace.

The hardest one for me, Michael Jackson. A staple of music memories. The King of Pop. I remember imitating the "Moonwalk, the ghostly video "Thriller", the gang style of "Bad", the sexiness of "Dirty Diana", the sadness of "The Man in the Mirror". Michael Jackson helped shape a generation of dancers, singers, actors/actresses, and imaginations. We will never forget you- Michael Jackson! Regardless of the scandals, you will always be my number one singer. Right now, I am going to listen to "I'll be there" when you were a rising star with your siblings in the Jackson 5. You were my generation's Elvis and The Beatles. In my heart forever. BAD!


  1. That was such a sad week! :( And now Billy Mays has died too. You know, the guy from the oxy clean commercials.

  2. I know!!! I can't believe he died, too!

    I know people die every day (I worked in Oncology) but when it's coming at us like crazy with all the entertainers and television personalities.. it's just plain weird!


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