Slow going...

It may be a bit before my first book review is ready. I am going through some books in my library and am going read them again. I want a fresh look at an old book. Until I can get an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) or can buy a hot off the press, new release.. this will rock and roll!

My type of review will be different. I am not going to do spoilers or tell you what it's about.. again. I am going to discuss what feelings the book invoked, my emotions, did I like the characters, who/what stood out, and so on. You can get a summary by reading the dust jacket or the back of the book, what you can't get is a reader's emotion from that.

If you are a publisher, an author or even can point me in the right direction.. email me at

Thank you for all the support!

Jaime AKA BookNerd

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