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In My Mailbox 38

In My Mailbox was started at The Story Siren  (Now defunct) Go sign up!

All of these are for review, except Enchanted and the duplicate of The Brutal Telling which is up for giveaway (don't forget to enter!!!). They also came in while my daughter was in the hospital

Needless to say, I can't say no to a book! I love them way too much. However, I do have to say no until December. Sigh. Don't know if I can. These are my crack! At least it's a good crack to be addicted to books! Maintains healthy brain function and keeps Alzheimer's at bay (hey! I have a paranoia over Alzheimer's, my grandma died from it! Also, cancer. I worked in Oncology for awhile and lost my mom and aunt to cancer.. ok enough of my paranoia!). I really have to say no and catch up on all my reads and get my reviews done! I am excited because my piles are full of some excellent sounding books! Hooray!

This is the pile I am reading through! Photobucket

So what's in YOUR mailbox this week?


  1. The two books that pop out from that pile are Material Girl, and Loving Mr. Darcy. I'll have to look those two up! Happy reading

  2. Looks like you have a lot of interesting books on your plate.

    ps I love your layout

  3. OOoo some fun looking books. You'll be busy reading this week girl! BTW, love your background!

  4. You got a lot of great books! Hope you enjoy them!

    ~Briana :)

  5. Wow! Lots and lots of books to read. Lucky you! Have fun =)

  6. Great lot of books! Happy Reading :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by! You got so many books I haven't heard of. Happy reading!

  8. Wow, enjoy all your books. I like the Mr. Darcy one, I'm interested in what you think!
    Happy reading!

  9. What an interesting look to this blog! I'm saying hello from J. Kaye's blog ...

  10. I am excited to get through all these awesome books and share my thoughts! For those of you who are interested in Loving Mr Darcy and My Cousin Caroline (Pemberley Chronicles, not shown) keep watching, I will be having their authors on my blog!

    Oh and wait til I post my "What Are You Reading Mondays" post. Hee hee. Two GREAT reads are on there :)

    PS I love love love my layout too.

    Hey, does anybody know how to create a button for my blog? I am so graphically challenged! LOL

  11. Hello backatcha Kathryn!! Thanks for coming by!

  12. You got a lot of books. Happy Reading!


  13. hey Jamie! thanks for participating in IMM!! looks like you have some great books to read! i love your background, btw! happy reading!

  14. Hi Jamie! Interesting blog! Lots of catchy things! I can understand about taking a break! I have 12 books right now to read and review... half eBooks. That is about the max I would want at one time so I can hope to finish all within 4-5 weeks! I finally set up an excel list so I can keep track as it is easy for me to slip past the 30 day mark otherwise!
    I'll visit you again soon! Martha

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    You have the quite the stack of books there! Good luck holding out till Dec! I don't have the willpower for that kind of wait.
    Best wishes for you and your daughter, and be sure to pop back by my blog to read my interview with Becca Fitzpatrick. It's my first one! XD
    P.S. I LOVE your backround! Total dreamy eye candy. :)

  16. Don't you just piles of books!!! Hope you have a great time reading them all :)

  17. Holy Cow what a haul!! Reading definitely keeps your brain stimulated so you go girl but hey I can relate to the falling behind in reviews, I always seem to be chasing my tail.
    Here's my mailbox

  18. Ooh, Julie & Julia - I haven't stopped hearing about how great that book is lately. Can't wait to see what you think of it.

  19. Thanks everybody for swinging by! I have quite the pile right now! I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I got too excited but it's ok! I can't wait to get through them all and remember to ENJOY these books! Hey, my brain will continue to be stimulated, right???

    Lady Lazarus- It might be awhile til I get to Julie Julia but I keep hearing so many great things I hope I get to it soon!


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