Review: Coils of the Serpent by Raymond Clark Lutz

Coils of the Serpent

Can science and religion co exist? "Coils of the Serpent" takes the reader through a scientific and Biblical debate like no other.

Three friends: Dan, an easy-going agnostic scientific genius whose father was a theology professor who mysteriously died 25 years ago. John, a self made financial whiz who found his rock in Christianity after battling substance abuse issues. Lastly, Shannon, a biotechnology grad student who was raised Catholic but retreated from religion due to conflicts with her scientific beliefs, evolution and the subservience of women by the church. These three friends met through a book club and built a relationship where they gathered weekly at a coffee shop. Until a mysterious "homeless" man shows up and asks them "Does the book of Genesis teach about DNA?" That question takes these friends on an adventure while wrestling with the foundations of their belief systems, extremists, political corruption, intrigue, murder, and their personal feelings.

Russ Hall, an FBI agent assigned to a missing person case of a troubled teenager named William Freeman. Freeman was sent to the Pacific Institute of Theology for Youth after running into some trouble and was though to be progressing quite well until he just "disappeared". This wasn't Agent Hall's first run in with the PIT (Pacific Institute of Theology), his first missing person's case was that of Dan's father, George Stanfield, 25 years ago when he was a new agent.

Mr Lutz' thorough research and ability to explain the complexities of DNA makes this book an enjoyable read and I feel like I learned so much about DNA. I was hooked! I enjoyed the reeducation of the book of Genesis, the Gospels, Jesus, and the Crusades. The plot is amazing, I felt connected to the characters, and my imagination soared. I salivate at the thought of being able to sit it on a discussion of the magnitude Dan, John and Shannon had. As an evolutionist myself, I definitely questioned my beliefs. I ended this book exhilarated and ready to research. I must say, though, this book was very difficult to review! I just want to give it all away!

I only have one complaint, though, what about Mrs. Freeman? Although, we already "know" about Will, I would like to have read about Agent Hall following up with her.

Raymond Clark Lutz' "Coils of the Serpent" will take you on a wild, scientific thrill ride of DNA, the book of Genesis, extremists and political corruption. I definitely recommend this book if you are open minded!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I haven't heard of the author before:) but i'm definitely adding this to my list.
    Great Review


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