Jaime Loves Stuff : Shameless promoting for freebies!!

Shameless promoting for freebies!!

Have you been to Swagbucks yet? If not, GET OVER THERE!!! I love this site! Just do what you normally do, search the web for information and earn swag bucks! Swagbucks rock, they are redeemable for music, books, gift certificates and more!! Check out what the buzz is all about!!!

Just click on the box and head on over! I <3 Swagbucks!

Search & Win




  1. Not gonna lie, this is probably the best idea I have ever heard of lol. Getting money to search the web! Yea im definitely down =)

  2. LOL! The way I figure it, I am going to waste a ton of time using search engines, why not earn stuff? I have used with Swagbucks for music. I am saving them now for some gift certificates!


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