Jaime Loves Stuff : So I have a silly obvious question..

So I have a silly obvious question..

What exactly does the blogger need to do when they become part of a blog tour? I am wanting to join some blog tours but I don't want to unless I fully understand what my part is. Do I need to blog about the book, is the author doing a blogging spot about it, am I doing a review? etc. LOL

My blog gets decent traffic and this will boost my traffic but I don't want to get in over my head! Thanks for all your help!


  1. Thanks for asking this question! I've been wondering, too -- I'm interested in seeing the comments on this.

  2. Well I basically think that blog tours is just that, you give promotion to the authors book, you interview them, review the book, but there is not necessary a time line, since its internet and such, you can post it today but people may see it tomorrow or in a week.

  3. Hi:) Usually the author will send you a book (and maybe an extra one for giveaway). You can set up doing your review just a day or two prior to their guest post - or interview (whichever you both agree on the author doing). You may even wait for later to post your review..

    I like having authors write a guest post on something that may be related to their book- or it may even be something related to your blog...
    The author will send you the word document and all you have to do is post it on the date you both agreed upon (or the date that was assigned to you by prior arrangement). It's a lot of fun and it definitely gives your blog lots of traffic and exposure. HOpe that's somewhat helpful:)

  4. Thank you both for the input! Definitely answered my question!

    Hope this helps you too Jezebelsk!

  5. I'm going to participate in my first blog tour next week (the 28th). I received the book about a month ago and was given the tour date for my blog review. I'll just be posting my review. Some have posted and interview with the author and some have had guest blog posts by the author. I hope to do more tours!

  6. That's awesome! I guess they must post links to blogs on various websites to get the traffic to read the reviews, interviews, etc. to really promote the author and their book! I love it! Ok, I am excited. I can't wait to join some!

  7. The blog tours that I've been a part of have been organized through one of these three web sites:


    Hope that helps!

  8. That's a very good question and one I had to ask too. In fact, I ask questions about everything in the blogging world because it's all still pretty new to me. I've done a handful of tours and have several more coming up. Mine have been with the ones Carrie listed and some others. They are all pretty similar but vary a bit in their guidelines. Many supply you with links to information on the book and author and sometimes other goodies as well. Some places I signed up for them myself and then they send notices or post on their website for upcoming tours and I decide if I would like to participate. One place contacted me first and then has continued to send me lists for upcoming titles. If you would like more information feel free to send me an email and I'll send you the links of the places I've joined. It's fun!

  9. I've only participated in the one blog tour with Tomi Akinyanmi and I think the girls who have done more have answered quite a few of the questions for you and me lol.

    I was asked to do the blog tour, it's a bit more difficult being in Australia, not all authors or publicists will post internationally. I was very nervous about doing interviews at first but they are such fun and now I do interviews with authors not part of blog tours just because I enjoy them so much as my readers seem too, and often you get a book to giveaway (too cool!)

  10. I just posted my first one ever earlier this week... it was exciting! My second one is due to go up during this week and I am hoping to post it yet tonight.


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