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What are YOU reading Mondays

Vist J-Kaye's blog for more information on the What Are You Reading Monday book challenge. What did you finish last week? What are you reading now and what will you finish? Great fun and great reading!

Here's a photo of my reading list:

I am still reading "Coils of the Serpent" by Raymond Clark Lutz. It too me a bit to get in to but now it's definitely grabbed me and won't let go!

The others are (just in case you can't read the titles): "Loving Mr Darcy" by Sharon Lathan (Journeys Beyond Pemberley), "My Cousin Caroline" (6th book of the Pemberley Chronicles) by Rebecca Ann Collins, "Red To Black" by Alex Dryden, and finally "The Brutal Telling" (A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel) by Louise Penny. Every single book is an ARC. I must say, though, I feel like I hit the jackpot! I truly can't wait to dive in to these books. Also, just a sweet little heads up.. keep an eye out in September for a few author interviews I will be conducting!

Can't wait to see what's on YOUR reading list this week!


  1. Ooo lots of ARCs! Where'd you get all of those?

    Have fun reading this week!

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I received the Pride and Prejudice sequels from http://bookblogs.ning.com/group/earlybirdsarcreview (actually, if you browse around to the other groups you will find ARCs posted in other places). I received Coils of the Serpent from reviewthebook.com, and I received the other two from Shelf Awareness. I have quite a few coming that are from the above listed sources!

    Check them all out!

  3. Great set of books you have there! I hope you enjoy reading-- And wow on the ARC's!

  4. You've got some great books there! Enjoy your reading week!

  5. Awesome reads! Hope you have a nice week!

  6. Awesome books, i'm suppose to get the Fairy tale ARC sometime this week.

    Happy reading!!

  7. I know this is going to be a busy reading week or 2 or 3..lol but it will be GREAT reads, I am sure!

    Fayeflame, I so wanted Fairy Tale! I have to wait to buy it! Definitely let me know how it is!

  8. Sound like great books. Happy Reading

  9. I've read the first book in the Lathan series. It was quite good. I have to get back to them soon.

    My Cousin Caroline is on my list to read sometime during this week.

  10. I've seen a lot of Darcy over the book blogs lately, I'll have to check them out

  11. I love-love-love to see other stacks of books. It's so cool...makes my mouth water. :)

  12. Oh, those all sound delightful. Happy reading, and best wishes for your daughter.


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