Post a Picture of Your Bookshelf (1)

Kyusi Reader has a really awesome bookish event, "Post a Picture of Your Bookshelf", which I found thanks to J Kaye's Book Blog

Words from Kyusi Reader's post:

"I'm a firm believer that the books you have are a reflection of your personality. Never mind that you don't get to read them, just the fact that you bought them and keep them in your bookshelf say a lot about who you are (or who you want to be)."

Well my bookshelf is a HUGE CLUTTERED MESS. Believe it or not, I just cleaned it up, too. No, there really is no organization or rhyme or reason or sense or... nevermind. ARCs I keep in my living room next to my reading chair in order of when they need to be reviewed. Giveaways.. well I am only hosting one and that's on my coffee table. Finished books that have a review written go on top of my computer desk. Ok, so maybe a little teensy weensy bit of rhyme, reason, sanity, something .. lol.


Let's see YOURS!


  1. Ooh, I love looking at people's bookshelves. It definitely says a lot about the person. :-D

  2. Found you over at J-Kayes and had to take a look at your shelves. Very nice. Thanks for sharing with us. Still so neat and orderly compared to mine! :)

    Take a look if you have a chance. :)


  3. Holy Cow! You have a beautiful shelf! Love the artwork. :)

  4. You have a lot of books! Nice shelves. I love looking at others bookshelves.
    I posted mine awhile ago

  5. Nice. Very orderly bookshelves you have. :) I like the spaces you have left to add more books to your shelves. I have one of those bookshelf headboards for my bed and the books there are my absolute favourite. Otherwise my books are stuffed all over my house!

  6. Your shelves look a lot neater than mine! Will have to straighten them up before taking any pictures. *L*

  7. Lady Lazarus--- Your turn! You need to get yours up, lol

    Tami- Yours look great!

    J Kaye- Of course, I found this through you and already saw yours but girl, you are organized! Not me, I am a slob! Oh adn the artwork, I love it and found the 4 piece set at an estate sale for $20!!!

    Natalie- Yours look great!

    Mandy- I really ought to post the before picture! My room was so cluttered and I hadn't fixed it since I moved in to my apartment and holy moley, I had stacks all over the place, the only thing I was missing was the crooked glasses, the 30 cats, the loose socks, well you get the picture.. I looked like a crazy book lady! LOL

    Alexia561- POOH!!! I just saw yours! LOL Yours are amazing!!!! So jealous!

  8. Great book shelves! I just posted mine too. I am going to link my post with yours..... :)

  9. I'm SO glad that someone else's bookshelves look like mine! Mine are horribly overcrowded and messy, but I love them.

  10. Katie.. Absolutely! I love looking at my messy, overcrowded, overflowing piles of books! LOL
    I guess I can't be too embarrassed it's not a BAD addiction, ya know? LOL


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