Lucan Author Susan Kearney Guest Post and Giveaway!

I am so stoked to bring to you today, here at Revenge of the Nerds, author Susan Kearney. She has an exciting new trilogy called, The Pendragon Legacy, and her first book, Lucan, I was given a fantastic opportunity to read and review (My review is here . I LOVED Lucan, and I am sure you will too!

Please welcome Susan Kearney!!!!

According to legend the Holy Grail could cure sickness of those who drank from it—but no one knows if it ever really existed. And that’s perfect material for a writer. Because we have so little factual evidence about it, that leaves room for my fertile imagination to make things up.
I got to play “what if?” What if the Holy Grail could really make someone immortal? It would be the ultimate prize throughout the galaxy. What if the Holy Grail didn’t come from Earth? But suppose we found a star map that led us to it? Wouldn’t it be fun to hunt for the Grail? And what would happen if we found it? Or if our worst enemy found it?

The possibilities are infinite. And that’s just the kind of legend I like—one I can manipulate to fit the kinds of books I write. Science fiction romances or futuristic romance.

I’ve always loved stories about treasures, stories about brave men and women who were willing to risk their lives to help their worlds. And in LUCAN, I got the chance to create a character determined to find the Grail—even if he had to cross the galaxy to do it. Of course my sexy archeologist was shocked to find a world called Pendragon, and an edifice called Avalon, where the natives believed the ancient ones had hidden the Holy Grail.

After all it made sense to protect the most valuable object in the galaxy behind the walls of an impregnable edifice. Only when Lucan teams up with the sexy High Priestess of Avalon does he stand a chance of finding his prize. Only he doesn’t count on her being a dragon shaper and that she wants the Grail for her own people.
Oh, yes, searching for the Grail isn’t easy—especially with Earth’s greatest enemy after the prize as well. You can read an except and watch the video at

Also thanks to Hatchette Book Group, I have the wonderful opportunity to give away FIVE copies of Lucan to five lucky readers!!! Aren't you excited? I know I am!

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