Interview with M.D. Griffith and Giveaway!

I am so pleased to bring to you my interview with M.D. Griffith, author of Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion!

Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion (Atlantais: The Hidden Kingdom Series Book 1)

Me: Please tell my readers about yourself!

Griffith:I grew up in a small town where we had one small store and a post office. Very rural but my family had lived in Texas for four generations in the same area. At twenty-four, I wanted to experience a different climate so I decided to give Alaska a try. It was completely different than Texas and when I moved there, it was quite a shock... to say the least. I lived there for 22 years before moving to Colorado. I have a five year old Pug, Gizmo, and besides working quite a bit, I still have time to take him for several walks a day and just enjoying the Rocky Mountains. Colorado, in my opinion, has the perfect climate and allows me to be outside as much as I want. With all the writing I do and working a full forty hour a week job, time is often hard to come by but when I do, I love to hike and camp and on occasion, fish with friends.

Me: Have you always known you wanted to be a writer? (If not, what made you decide to write?)

G:. I have not always known that I wanted to be a writer, but when I was a very young, my mother used to always say that I should be one because of what I would tell her in the mornings when I got up. I had and still have the most vivid dreams, and I would always tell her about them. She would just shake her head and laugh at me. She was the first one that told me I should be a writer with the imagination I had.

Me: Do members of your family read your book?

G: I've just got the first book out. "Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion," and both brothers and my sister have the book. Have they read it? LOL, I'm really not sure. I do know that my older brother has read some of it. I should check on that but I do know they are proud of me.

Me: How often do you write?

G: What works for me I'm sure does not work for everybody. When I write, I usually already have the story in my mind. The first thing I do is create an outline of the story. Now, the story always changes as does the outline, but still it helps me to have a start and a finish which gives me a direction in which to take my story. In doing this, I write practically every day. On occasion, after I finish a rewrite, or a chapter, I might take a day or two off to get my thoughts together and refresh myself.

Me: I found Alec Thrace to be a very detailed book, how long did it take you to write? How much research was involved?

G: While writing Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion, I did quite a bit of research. I actually knew a lot about the history as far as the Romans and the Carthaginians, but as far as the places that I sent my three main characters, Alec, Jasen and Alexia, I wanted to make sure that the reader could actually visualize the places. Before I actually began to write, I did a measured amount of research, but had to continue my research throughout the process of writing the book.

Me: What do you have in store for your Hidden Kingdom Series?

G: I have a lot in store for the Hidden Kingdom Series. The Lost Medallion lets the reader in on just the beginning of the trouble that is slowly coming ashore of the fabled land of Atlantis. Throughout the series, the reader will experience not only adventure, but also a touch of mystery as they embark on the thrilling ride that I have in store for them.

Me: Are there any books you recommend?

G: Jaime, as far as books that I recommend, there are a few. Being a writer of fantasy, I enjoyed all of the Harry Potter books as well as the four book series of Perry Jackson. I’ve also read most of the First People Series by Kathleen O’Neal Gear and William Michael Gear however, I'm very much into fantasy books but I like a touch of realism in the story as well. So to answer your question, give me a good fantasy with a touch of history and I'll read it with relish.

Me: If you could living during the times of a historical figure, who would it be and why?

G: You know, if I had a chance to live during a historical time in our history, there would be two different eras that come to mind. The first would be the exact time that my story takes place. It's a time of mystery, adventure of excitement and yes, of hardship. You have to take the good with the bad and after all, what time in history didn't have some hardship involved. The other time, would probably be during the discovery of America. The land was wild and though already inhabited and with a wonderful culture already here, still had a great deal of mystery. The native American culture, like the Greek culture is a culture that is very interesting and wonderful to me. I love writing books about these two time periods.

Me: Last but not least... will we see more of Alec Thrace, Alexia or Jasen again?

G: Yes... you will. I have already written the second and fourth books to the series. I only need to write the third book. The second book is at this time entitled, "Alec Thrace and the Ring of Stones, and the fourth book is entitled, again a working title, "Alec Thrace, Wolves at the Gate." I feel confident that the readers that love their fantasy mixed with some actual facts and will love this series. I also feel that it will give my readers a chance to let their minds explore a world where all things are possible and let dreams become reality... at least in their minds.

Jaime, thank you so much for your time and your review of, "Alec Thrace and the Lost Medallion." I hope you have a wonderful career in book reviews which I feel is something you thoroughly enjoy.

Thank you, M.D., for being a part of my blog and allowing me the opportunity to meet Alec Thrace and being taken on a great adventure!

One of my favorite things since I began book reviewing (besides reading some great books) is getting to know authors! M.D., what a GREAT interview!

Let's give it up for him! YAY!

He has also been extremely generous and is giving away ONE copy of his fantasy book, Alec Thrace and The Lost Medallion, to one lucky reader. Here's the link to my review: Click HERE Will that be you?

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  1. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Honestly, that's a tough one - because as alluring or magical/mysterious as past eras may seem to us now, day to day living no doubt would have been more of a struggle perhaps.

    But, with that said LOL, I would nonetheless to have lived/experienced history in the pre-deluvian era (before the great flood). Say, 12,000 years ago before the sinking of legendary Atlantis, and to have lived on the (then) greatly enlarged area of Florida where are now the Bahama Banks, etc. Or the Azores. Just to see that area before the water levels rose would be fascinating, and the culture I cannot even imagine.

  2. Would have liked to live in Regency England!



  3. There are two time periods that I am drawn to:
    The Victorian Era... and
    The Golden age of the Pharohs. Though I don't know which one. Or why I am drawn to these particular periods.

  4. This is a great and fun question. Thanks for asking. My mother-in-law actually asked it for our last holiday gathering (our Xmases are always a ball), so I will give you the answer I gave there.

    I don't want to live in the past, because the past was both difficult and more or less known to us in the present. (Plus, it was super-difficult to be a woman at most times in the past.)

    You don't say how long one has to live there or other circumstances (e.g., will I still be the same person? same age? same gender?), either, so I'm going to go with the year 2075.

    It would be fascinating--and hopefully not too discouraging--to see how the Earth and its inhabitants have turned out (assuming I live on Earth and that it hasn't been ruined or otherwise deserted).

    Thanks much!

  5. Madwoman-doing-cartwheelsOctober 15, 2009 at 12:59 AM

    Probably the wild west. I am kind of torn between wanting to be a dance hall girl or a pioneer wife. I love baths so because I think the dance hall girl would get more chances at the big tub I suppose that would be my choice.

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  6. If you could live in one particular time period what would it be and why?
    - I would be in the future because I am convinced that humans will be able to travel the galaxies eventually and I like to explore what's out there beyond the skies!


  7. I would have liked to live in the 20's in Chicago. The crime, bootlegging, mobsters, prohibition,dancehalls, the Charleston, the clothing, the cloche hats. What fun!


  8. I would want to live in the 50's. I just love the fashion and the way that the women look so chic and Jackie O-ish. It seems when you look more like a chic women chivalry is a reality. I find men don't care or even know about respect in this manner any more. A day in the 50's would be so interesting. But then again...I wonder if I would only appreciate times now more! Great review and intriguing question thank you.

  9. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read this book!!!! Most people who know me know about my OBSESSION with Atlantis. I've been writing a book that involves Atlantis for 2 and a 1/2 years now and watch every tv show and movie about it that I can find.

    My answer to the question: If you could live in one particular time period what would it be and why? - Obviously, I would want to live in the time of Atlantis (that is, if it existed.) I'm fascinated in lost civilizations and historical mysteries, so I'd be extremely curious!

    paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

  10. Hi I would like to live in the 2050's because it would be the future and I'd like to see what new things were invented and how many grandchildren I'd have and meet them.
    Would love the book.
    polo-puppy-fluffy AT hotmail *dot* com


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