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Twilight (Twilight, #1) Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

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After all the hype about how Twilight was the "greatest vampire story EVER and how Edward and Bella's love surpassed all previous love stories", I just HAD to find out for myself what the truth is. I am not one to say "Hey you're wrong for liking this book" nor am I one state somebody is "right for not liking this book", however, to each their own. I am behind on writing this review.. but here it is.

However, I am in the group of the mindset that no, this is NOT the greatest vampire story ever and no, Edward and Bella do NOT have the greatest love story either.

The book bored me. Seriously. I wanted to put a restraining order on Edward for being a psycho stalker and put Bella in a domestic violence shelter for his possessiveness. Then I wanted to lecture Bella and then I reminded myself this is fantasy. Not a good fantasy, mind you, a really, really BAD one. I cringe at the thought of any man with any characteristics of Edward. I stalk you and am possessive of you because "I love you". Ouch. The glittering vampire idea wasn't very inspiring. I like a good old fashioned vampire, one who can't go out in the day, has pale skin (No glitter PLEASE!), and is kick ass all the way... Edward, well he wasn't. However, I did dig Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Emmett sounded pretty hot. There was not enough action for my liking, except near the end when I thought Bella was going to get thoroughly destroyed, yeah, it sorta sent my heart racing. Sort of.

I guess for the fangirls, it's a great book. For me, personally, it fell flat. Sorry, I really tried to like it.. but I couldn't. I gave away my copy of Twilight and New Moon (didn't want to waste any time with it).

Brain Popcorn.

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Ok, I have to add the Buffy VS Edward Cullen on here that I posted a month or so ago.. enjoy!


  1. I read the whole series...Honestly the further I got into the series the less and less I liked Edward.

  2. At least you finished the first book. I couldn't even get through it. It bored me to tears as did Bella.

    I've been thinking of putting one of those disclaimers on the bottom/top of my reviews as well.

  3. Thank you! Finally someone who views Edward the same way I do. As the stalker he is.
    I 've been saying for a year that vampires do not sparkle!

  4. Thank God!!! Some other non-Twilight fans!!! I read through each of the books because even though I hated it from the get-go, everyone kept saying it would get better. It never did. Stephanie Meyer can't write (repetition is the sole reason her books are so long) and she is teaching an entire generation of girls that an emotionally abusive relationship is romantic. I tore those book apart in my reviews lol

  5. Hi Jaime -- I'm glad my daughter and I aren't the only chicks who found Twilight insufferably dull and outrageously overrated. Edward would've been just plain creepy, even if he weren't a creature of the night. Run, Bella, run! Boys who show their devotion by stalking you and peeking through your windows are not guys you should date. No offense to all the "Team Edward" gals out there ... I was ready for Buffy to come onto the scene and put a stake through Edward's heart. :-)

  6. Jaime, haha, I didn't think I could love you anymore. You've just gone right up! I feel exactly the same way as you do. If you dare venture forward with the other books, I'll warn you now that the third one has the most stalker-ish psycho moves from Edward.

    Don't know if I'll read the fourth. I think three is all I can handle.

  7. Ryan, you can add the disclaimer as you would a signature (where it pops up automatically!). Makes it simpler, huh? At least that was my idea of it!

    Jamie, Yeah, Edward is creepy!

    Salamandergrey, yeah, I am just not digging the sparkly glittery vamp thing. Last I checked, Vampires didn't do craft hours! ROFLMAO!

    VaBookworm87- AMEN!!!! I have to read your reviews!

    Stephanie, LOL! I don't know how old your daughter is but sounds like she has sense. I gave all my books (ok, 2.. hahaha This is WHY I stopped buying books that are hyped up, and I rarely by the new unless they are an author I can trust like Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Michelle Moran, Terry Brooks, Patricia Cornwell, etc.) away to my friend's tweener daughter!

    Ceri... I don't know how you made it through 3. You have a strong will to try and make it. I just can't. Book one was too much boredom for me. I still haven't figured out how it's a true love story. Seriously. It never gave any type of dating, emotions, etc except stalking. He growled and sneered, I hate him but I am madly in love with him. He stalks me. I am a clutz. I hate him. I love him. LOL

    Thanks for all the comments!


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