Jaime Loves Stuff : Reading Goals for 2010..

Reading Goals for 2010..

Out of curiosity, do you set reading goals for yourself?

I was just thinking of setting up some personal bookish goals for myself. The next three semesters of school are going to be killer and will leave much to be desired in the way of getting some good reading and reviews in. Depending on my workload, I may only be able to read and review 1-2 books a month. Most likely, less. I think that I also will not be doing any blog tours that have interviews included, they just take up quite a bit of my time and I won't be having in next semester (300 level math classes are on the horizon). Needless to say I will be B-U-S-Y and hoping to find a job by next summer. At least those are the education/professional goals.

Soooo, some reading goals.. not sure of when I want to have these met but just pondering some.

I want to reread the entire Jane Austen collection (been many years)
I am going to challenge myself to read entires series of books: i.e., Harry Potter, Sookie Stackhouse, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Recluse, and some others.
I also would like to revisit several other classics and Russian Literature. (p.s., is Anya Seton's Katherine considered a classic? I don't think so, just curious).
Eh, just a thought.

So what about you?

P.S. Oh and yeah, I totally suck. I have a post with a ton of awards that I received and I need to nominate bloggers and because I let them sit for so long, I now feel overwhelmed. LOL. When I finish my class on Thursday and my test on Monday, I swear.. my goal is to nominate these AWESOME awards from rocking bloggers to you awesome bloggers!

A MONTH A HALF AGO I BEGAN THE POST!!! SLACKER! LOL Go check out the awards and visit those generous bloggers and tell em I sent ya!


  1. I used to set goals for my reading each year and kept journals on how I did. Now I dont - but I am going to again in 2010.

  2. Thanks for replying Sheila. I am not sure how to keep track except maybe keeping track on my blog? Eh, maybe that's a set up for failure, haha. I tried to do that with the August Reading Challenge and the random reading challenge.. I have lost track. Ok, actually not really because I have posted all the reviews. haha

    Keep me posted on your progress and goals, I would love to see yours!

  3. I would just like to make it through my "To Be Read" pile! It keeps growing, and I'm not making any progress because of school... I will be incredibly happy when I'm done with organic chem!

    Sword of Truth... is that what Legend of the Seeker is based on? I love that show!

  4. LOL You and me both VABookworm87! The TBRs grow on their own volition, kinda like mold, huh? I am so hearing you on being done with a class that sucks the life out of you!

    And yes, the Sword of Truth series is the basis of Legend of the Seeker! I love love love the show. I can't wait for season 2 to come out! YAY! Any time now. I read the first book, The Wizard's First Rule, and I will say, the book and show are like night and day but I don't like to compare books-to-TV/Movie because I treat them as two separate creative medias. The book, lemme tell you, are very, uh, graphic and can be pretty twisted. I think Richard Horner is sexy! mmmmm mmmmm mmm. I love Zed! Kahlan is awesome!

  5. I always try to set goals for myself each year to read about 100 books or so. But then I always lose track and just read as much as I want to. I agree with you about the steadily growing TBR pile! I need to set up some goals to actually make a dent in it this year.

  6. The only book related goal I have is to read one book a month. I started this when my son was little, I worked out of the house, and went to school fulltime. I needed to find time for me.

    Now I like to challenge myself with personal growth from reading so I read memoirs, historical fiction, nonfiction, the big award winners, etc...

  7. Hi Jaime, you were so helpful over at Book Blogs that I thought I'd drop by your blog and say hello. I've really enjoyed looking round - you certainly have some interesting posts. In answer to your question about settting goals, I try not to and in that way I can't be disappointed. Thanks again and please feel free to visit me over at Pen And Paper, you'd be more than welcome.

  8. lol I was drooling over Richard in an episode I was watching the other day and my brother just scoffed at me :o) Zed cracks me up... he's a very unusual guy. If my TBR list ever cools down, I might add that series to my list. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the show :oD

  9. I have a new book project that I'm planning for the new year but I'm going to announce it when the time comes (because it needs a seperate blog). This year my goal was to read 50 books in a year (not much compared to a lot of the book bloggers around) and I've been doing pretty well up until recently (I've slowed down in the last fortnight).

  10. The only time I've ever set goals is when I've joined a challenge. I start off well, then I find myself forgetting to list the books and I lose count! Oh well...think my goal in 2010 will be to reduce my TBR piles to one small stack. I swear that it grows at night, as how can I have that many unread books?? :D

  11. Hi, Jaime! Good luck on reading the series of books that you've mentioned. For next year, I'll be reading more classics, which include, gasp!, Jane Austen. I've tried reading Pride and Prejudice, and I can't seem to get past page 40. All those gossiping women drive me mad!

  12. Also, Jaime, I think you should post your ideas about the e-readers that you've mentioned in my blog's comments section. I think you may be on to something there!

  13. One of my goals for next year is also to read more classics. I'm embarrassed to admit that I still haven't read any Charles Dickens, so he is first on my list, followed by Charlotte Bronte and Henry James.

  14. I'm not that organized. I kind of make it up as I go.


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