Fantasy & Science Fiction- December Issue Review

So, I am a little late in getting this review written however, it's never too late to share with you this gem. I was given the opportunity to read and review the December issue of "Fantasy & Science Fiction" which is a magazine dedicated to, yep you guessed it, the fantasy and sci fi genre.

I was a little surprised when the issue arrived. It wasn't a high gloss, large magazine but rather a book of sorts. I took a quick fan like flip through the pages and noticed it wasn't inundated with ads for perfumes, sanitizers, or processed foods. YAY! I do love graphic images but although it's missing (except the cover art), that's ok. This brought back so many memories of the magazines I used to get. I remember getting pen pal-zines, cat-zines, fan-zines and such. Filled with reader content and quality. F&SF is a collection of short stories, editorial and book reviews. F&SF is focused on quality over quantity. I had such a great time reading the articles and short stories and finished it in one sitting! I was introduced to authors and even a blog I hadn't heard of.

I would recommend this for somebody who enjoys an old fashioned style magazine and a fan of the science fiction and fantasy genre, like myself. In the age of internet, ebooks and impatience, it's refreshing to read a magazine who still treasures the art of writing.

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disclaimer: I was given a copy to review for free. The fact that I was given this magazine does not change my ability to remain unbiased. I am not given any monetary compensation, just the joy of keeping a copy for my library and my pure reading enjoyment.

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  1. Amen, though I love efiles etc I still love the feel of paper in my hands


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