Pivotal, Inaugural, and IMPORTANT!!!

This morning Emma and I had the honor of being amongst many wonderful people this morning at the Phoenix Zoo. Why was this an honor? It was the FIRST ANNUAL CHILDREN'S MARCH AGAINST CHILD ABUSE for Phoenix Children's Hospital. The turnout was phenomonal and I can't wait for many more marches to come. The entire month of April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. Please make a promise, any promise for Child Abuse Prevention. What promise will you make? I promise to continue reminding all people that it's NEVER ok to shake a baby. NEVER.

It was a glorious morning, a little chilly at first, but as the sun rose it turned into quite a fantastic morning for such an event and then we spent the day enjoying the Zoo.

The first photo is from the press conference on March 3 at Phoenix Children's Hospital and the second is from this morning!

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