Dear Hollywood, Leave my childhood memories alone

and create NEW ones for this generation.

Karate Kid remake? Really? Come on! The reason the originals did so well was because of the power of the underdog story in the late 70s/early 80s. We loved to see someone like US win! It was the years of deep economic decline and we needed something to pick us up and Daniel-san did! Who doesn't remember Wax on/Wax Off? I do. I also remember standing in my backyard trying to do the Crane. As you can see by the ratings, this new Karate Kid won't do very well. So just STOP!

Another travesty from Hollywood is Nightmare on Elm Street. Come on guys!!!! No one, I repear NO ONE can be Freddy Krueger BUT Robert Englund. He IS Freddy Krueger. I can't look at his normal, non costumed photos without cringing and thinking "1, 2 Freddy's comming after you..."

Weird Science, Top Gun, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Footloose, Red Sonia, Short Circuit, Romancing the Stone, Poltergeist and many, many more.

Listen Hollywood Screenwriters...

the movies from the 80s weren't full of great special effects but they were full of heart. Many have a huge post-successful runs at the box office cult following. Let us keep our memories and get some creative juices flowing and create something NEW. Give these kids some GREAT stuff that blows them away! We are in an economic downturn and have been for sometime, give them something that makes them feel GOOD, but NEW. My movies, yes these are MINE (speaking of my generation), are OUR memories and OUR desires and LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! I am done with you, Hollywood, until you decide to do something ORIGINAL!


  1. I agree! The originals are so good that a new version can't possibly do them justice.....

  2. Agreeeed<3 Some movies I might see out of curiosity but honestly, Hollywood, get your own ideas! Be creative.


  3. Couldn't agree with you more! Time for Hollywood to come up with some original stories if they want us to come back to the theaters! Great post Jaime!

  4. Thanks guys! I just realized all my horrible typos and bad sentence structure. Oops! Yeah, I just wish Hollywood would come up with something original! These movies only did well when they did because it was are culture. Period.

  5. Good post Jaime...I so agree with you! New movies, not remakes are needed.

  6. I started laughing when I first read that Footloose is coming out later this year. You did forget the remake of Red Dawn that will be coming out, the sequel to Tron, and they are remaking Arthur, the Dudley Moore movie. It's ridiculous.

  7. YES! Thank you!

    Oh my Christ, as a film geek, this churning out of *classics* really grates on me. They're *classics* - why the need to remake???

    I flat out refuse to see them. Especially the new Nightmare on Elm Street - I mean, we've had plenty of them what with the constant production of sequels, but the first one was in a league of it's own. Plus, it was Johnny Depp's film debut! Who doesn't want to see that poor sod sucked into a bed?

    Jaime, I could kiss you.



  8. @Deanna.. For sure! They need to put on their thinking caps!

    @Ryan! I know, right??? I did forget Red Dawn (I think Rose McGowan is cast? She can't rock it like Brigitte Nielson) and Tron. That's anytime, right? I did NOT know about Arthur! That's HORRIBLE!

    @ Ceri! Hahahahaah you made me giggle about Johnny Depp! So true!

    Thanks for all the great input! Love it!


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