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Masked by Moonlight (Moonlight Trilogy, #1) Masked by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
A werewolf! In New Orleans! Organized crime! Ravaged murders! A werewolf in New Orleans as the muscle behind the success of organized crime leader Jimmy Legere. The book begins hard and heavy beginning with a loser leaving his wife to a buddy of his to have fun with for a few dollars so he can gamble and shortly after their savaged bodies are found and the wife and baby are gone. Cue Detective Charlotte "CeeCee" Caissie on the case. Charlotte has a deep seeded hatred towards Legere as he had her and her best friend kidnapped and tortured as a teenager to get to her dad, a detective himself but is later murdered. First stop in the investigation? Legere's. Now cue Max Savoie. Sexy. Lethal. Loyal. A dangerous triad. Now cue love. Sounds like the making of a GREAT story, right? Wrong! The author goes off from what begins as a great story right to a horrible love story and kind of throws the rest in as an after thought. CeeCee who is supposed to be tough, strong, and in control cries. A lot. Entirely too much for a strong woman. Not saying strong women aren't supposed to cry but every other scene (or so it feels is too much) and Max the loyal "dog" that he is, defies his "father" for love at first sight? Oh and let's not forget about STUPID, STUPID, and more STUPID acts by a supposedly intelligent detective who knows HOW she maintains her job while wearing Max's Armani, openly stands up for him at the police department, openly sleeping with him and cohorting at the compound? Come on! Seriously? She is supposedly "trying to get close to him" and not once did the police chief say a thing to her, but her partner does? Really??? It's just a very weak story.

As you can tell, it was extremely underwhelming. I, for one, don't care to read another one in this series. Too many authors are just pumping out fantasy/paranormal romances just to fill the shelves without even "trying". They are just getting the elements in, a weak story line, a cover with a sexy hero/heroine and fill it up with a horrible romance. Sigh. I miss the good old days when there were good story lines! LOL
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disclaimer: This book was provided to me at no charge by Pocket Book Group/Simon & Schuster. Receiving this book at no charge does not (obviously!) affect my ability to remain true and honest in my review

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  1. Good, honest review. It does sound just too unbelievable, even for urban fantasy. And it doesn't sound like I'd like CeeCee at all.


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