To post or not to post?

Rather, the question is should I set a scheduled posting day?

As I was up last night until 2 am finishing up homework from one class (have another class to start on the homework tonight!) and being easily distracted (cough catching up Pillars of the Earth on Netflix cough cough and darn farms on facebook need tending), I was thinking I need to set a schedule. I wonder if that would make things easier, let alone structured. I need to keep my content up or I will completely FORGET about this blog.

So I wonder if posting on Saturday nights would be best? Oh sheesh, I just outted myself on my lack of a social life! Hahahaha. Or maybe Sunday nights after the child is in bed? Hmmm, don't know.

I am really excited because I did get the opportunity to take on an extra duty at work and that's good! I was starting to get seriously bored, shhhhhh don't tell my bosses! Hahaha!

Decisions, decisions....

What books have you read this week that rocked?

I just finished Georgette Heyer's A Blunt Instrument. It was awesome however definitely NOT as good as A Death in the Stocks, but still good, eccentric and quirky! I did finish the Darkest Edge of Dawn by Kelly Gay, AWESOME!!!! Blog Tour is on September 2nd (so watch for my review to be posted!). I just started Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh. So far, so good!

Oh and the spam filter that blogger said up seems to be working! I haven't had any spam in an Asian language since it was set up! Hooray! WIN!


  1. I think having a set day to post is a great idea, Jaime, especially given your busy schedule.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Scheduling a time for posting would probably be a good idea. As long as you are an organized person and you can stick to a schedule. Personally, sometimes I can stick with a schedule and sometimes I can't.....

  3. oh man! I've been sucked into the whole farmtown thing also. I spend more time doing that sometimes, than reading!


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