Wow... I haven't posted....

In quite sometime. Frankly the Japanese spammers were seriously getting on my nerves. Every time I came to my blogger dashboard all I saw were comments in Japanese (used google translator) and it was for various ads. I switched to using the Captcha (which I despise) and it had no bearing on the amount of spam comments I received. I became burned at and stayed away from blogger for awhile.

So how is everybody in the blogging world? I hope well! Things have been busy in my life, of course! That's nothing new! Now that blogger has the spam inbox, I hope it helps keep the spammers at bay (or at least DECREASED) and I will find the strong desire to start blogging again.

Oh a positive note: the winners of The Imposter's Daughter giveaway have been emailed! Hooray!

I just started reading The Darkest Edge of Dawn by Kelly Gay, it's #2 of her Charlie Madigan series (the first one is a Better Part of Darkness). So far, fantastic! Dark urban fantasy fans will rejoice! It's good stuff already! Check out my review of her first book here


  1. I hear you about the spam comments. I was getting a lot of Chinese comments that had of course, nothing to do with whatever post they commented on. Most of them were positive messages, kind of like nice sayings - but once I got one that had links to porn sites and other weird things. That's when I started comment moderation - which I think is a pain in the a**, but it works.

    Glad to see you back. Is the Darkest Edge of Dawn OUT now? I wanted to buy it. Guess I'll have to wait until after my first few paychecks. I really enjoyed her Kelly Gay's first book, and glad there's more.

  2. Nice to see you back :) I saw some tweets by book bloggers last week that they thought blogger had improved the comment filter just recently and they noticed an improvement. I hope you will too. Those spammers can be such a pain.

  3. You were getting them too, I was starting to think I was the only one. It pissed me off so so so bad so I know how you feel and now that they added the spamer they can not get through HA! They can take that. Oh it made me so mad they would post a spam with in an hour of me posting on every single POST, arg I was so mad. Thank goodness victory for us!

  4. Hope all is well, Jaime. :) I think a lot of bloggers have been absent from the interwebz for a while. I guess life is just too busy these days. :) Glad to see you still around though.



  5. I am glad to know I am not the only one getting those spam comments! They are SOOOO aggravating!

    @Mardel, The Darkest Edge of Dawn is out 8/31. You are NOT going to be disappointed, I promise!

    @Mary, Hi Mary! I am definitely glad to be back around. I think the filters are working because I don't have any spammer comments, hooray!

    @Lizzy J, I KNOW! Hahahaha. It was so annoying!

    Hi Ceri! Glad to see ya! All is good, yeah, life is hectic. I am always still perusing and reading the blogs but just not posting. Hahahaha. Hope you are doing well!

  6. Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.


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