Shaken Baby Syndrome...

I made this video in 2008 and I think it's time to update it. My dear readers, this is our life. We don't have separate lives, Emma and I live one life. It's a difficult road and six and a half years after Emma was brutally shaken, things have calmed down. A lot. The road was bumpy, it hurt every single day to get through each day never knowing what was going to happen. Between medical emergencies, therapies, surgeries, in and out of court, it was an exhausting run in our lives. We no longer have the trial to worry about, it's done. It's now in the past. The person who robbed Emma of a future received five years probation. The person robbed Emma of a life of independence, this person robbed Emma of a life she deserved... this person robbed me of seeing my daughter off to college, of seeing her turn in to a mother, this person robbed me of my daughter and what could have been. I choked up in court and never really launched in to the tirade I wanted to. I was so upset. I remember before stepping up to the podium to speak, I knew. I knew this person will never spend a day in prison, I could feel it and I felt defeated.

We will never be defeated... we still have the future. I have a vision, I love to take photographs (well, except with the camera I have! LOL) and I am going to upgrade soon and I want to create "Beautifully Challenged" and feature the faces of adults and children who are mentally or physically disabled, chronically ill, cancer,senior citizens, homosexual couples, etc, those who are considered in the eyes of "norms" as outcasts, drains of society, scourges, leeches, and show the world... we are all people. Just wanting the right to live, laugh, love and hope...

Well, enjoy my video... I will update it soon!


  1. Jamie, I couldn't stop crying when I saw this. I am new to following your blog and your story. I am sorry this person did not get what they deserve, to spend the rest of their life in jail.
    Thank you for sharing this video of your daughter.


  2. I've followed your blog for a while, Jaime, so am well aware of Emma's story but that video still made me cry: Not only because of what that horrible monster did to your daughter but for how you and her are now. Emma is so beautiful and looks so happy in those pictures in the video. I know that's because she has a terrific mother right there for her.




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