Winter is Coming...

I honest to goodness have not been this giddy over a tv show coming out since... well, crud, I don't remember! So that's telling you something! Alas! Winter is Coming and HBO is bringing it and I just can't freaking wait for April! I have had cable since 2006 and I am going to order it just because of Game of Thrones. Don't let me down HBO but seeing the trailers and behind the scenes tells me I won't be disappointed. Not crazy over some of the casting, sorry, I don't think Lena Headey is attractive as a blonde and certainly not as attractive as I see Cersei. Eh, as long as they bring the spirit of the character, I am good with that. I love watching the clips because now I know I have been pronouncing some of the names wrong (Catelyn, Tyrion, Cersei, etc). On another note, doesn't Robert Addy look amazing as Robert Baratheon???!!! Insane!



  1. So is this based on a book series?

  2. Yes this is based on A Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin. The first book is called A Game of Thrones. It's so intense! Love it! I still get goosebumps thinking about it!


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