Jaime Loves Stuff : Surgery number.... not sure!

Surgery number.... not sure!

Emma had another surgery last week. As you may recall, two years ago she underwent a cranioplasty to repair her skull from her head injury that allowed her the freedom to live life without a helmet. Let me tell you, talk about being able to exhale as a parent when that huge area that was without bone was closed up! Whoo! Well, anyways, three of the screws from the repair started protruding and bothering her and we elected to remove them. Also, at the same time, she underwent a brain MRI and received her quarterly botox injections in her left arm and leg. Her neurosurgeon, Dr. Shafron, found a small gap in her skull where her brain wasn't protected and called from the OR to see if it was ok if he could try and fill it in with some bone cement. Of course, I said yes! Sadly, the cement didn't take and she still has the gap. She's lived with it this long, I think she will be fine. As long as she doesn't fall and hit that exact spot, of course! He did say we will revisit it in a couple of years. Emma did really well (kids blow me away with their resiliency!) but what was supposed to be an overnight stay, turned into two because she wasn't eating or drinking and was just vomiting. On Friday, she slowly began eating and drinking again (Whew! Thank goodness) and came home. I was starting to get uber stanky. Seriously... I smelled like... well. I won't say anything on THAT. Ha! The really cool part is this was our first time in the brand new Phoenix Children's Hospital Tower! It's beautiful! Private rooms!!!! And of course, the one thing that didn't change: the staff is always top notch! We have been fortunate that since day one of her injury we have had THE BEST doctors and nurses/child play therapists/therapists/etc that we could have wished for. I am dead serious. There is nothing like having people involved in her care that truly care.

Enjoy my beautiful baby's pictures! (Yes, she will ALWAYS be my baby!)

Fresh out of the operating room

We are on the 8th floor

Sleeping beauty:

Puss N Boots makes every good in the world of a child :)

She loved having a dolly to play with (Thank you Child Life!)

Only my Emma would smile like this after surgery!

LOL!! When she saw her reflection for the first time, she said "I'm a vampire! Grrrr!" That's a chocolate pudding face all the way!


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  1. I'm glad she went through surgery just fine. She is one brave little girl and she is lucky to have a mom like you.


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