We don't need no stinkin' Panda Express Around Here...

Emma and I are, frankly, addicted to Orange Chicken. We do love Panda Express BUT I have slowly developed an allergy to shrimp. A dangerous allergy, and unfortunately, Panda uses to the same oil they fry their Orange Chicken in with the shrimp they deep fry. I can't risk it. It's too dangerous. I don't understand why, with shellfish allergies as prevelant as they are, restaurants don't have a dedicated fryer/pan/prep area/etc for shellfish. Eh, it would be nice but logistics make it difficult, I am sure. So anyways, Trader Joe's has a wonderful Orange Chicken in their frozen section. I baked those bad boys up, made some jasmine rice with spinach and topped mine with sriracha. The good life! Besides, it's much cheaper than Panda Express!


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