Stop the presses! Do you see my new blog design?  How amazing and gorgeous is this? I have been eyeballing layouts for quite some time and it was so hard to decide on ONE layout.  I love the pretty ones, I love the minimalist ones, the vintage ones, etc. etc. etc.  How do you decide on one? I want them ALL!  However, I saw this layout and just KNEW this was the one for me.  Love at first sight! I am not kidding.  Of course, I am an Etsy addict and love to support small businesses and artists so naturally Etsy is where I would search for blogger layouts (have to love that I finally bought a unique URL).  I found this beauty from Angie Makes Websites.  I purchased the matching Etsy shop banner, signature (drool.  you know you want to!), and installation on Saturday.  Sunday night Angie emailed me and on Monday my layout is live! There were two things that needed to be fixed and she fixed them immediately after my emailing her.  Now that's prompt and courteous service, folks.  I am so stoked.  I am so in love with this design! So, if you need a blog design, hit her up.

My computer is super duper suped up.  My brother rebuilt is over this past weekend.  I can finally download pictures off of my camera (My poor, poor Canon DSLR has been neglected) and have fun! Yay!

So.  On to my personal challenge.

I am a cookbook hoarder.
No.  Seriously. There is no exaggeration at all when I say I hoard cookbooks (I am including cooking magazines in this).  I absolutely ADORE cookbooks, especially ones with food porn photos. *drools*.  I love Cooking Light, Clean Eating, Food Network, The Joy of  Cooking,  Southern Living and various ethnic cuisine cookbooks.  I look at them.  Fondle the pages and drool at the pictures.  Become exhausted because I need to buy ingredients and then I have to cook them  and then I eat a sandwich that doesn't taste as good as fresh pita bread with kebobs would be.

On to my challenge.  I am putting my cookbooks to good use! I am challenging myself to cook at least one meal from my cookbooks/magazines each week.  They shall no longer gather dust!

Are you game? Would any of you lovely readers like to join in? Maybe every Sunday we can do a link up? If somebody wants to make an image? Let me know! I'd love to have you all join in with me!

*disclaimer* I was not asked by Angie Makes Websites to post a review.  I bought the layout out of my own pocket.


  1. Love the blog! Hi t's me Jossiem4 (instagram) oh gosh thank you for sharing who designed your blog becasue I have been wanting to give mine a makeover. Love your blog it looks so fun! I have been trying to get appoved for adsense but they keep declining me. Is this adsense from google on your blog aswell? I will def become a follwer I too love to support women in buisness!

  2. Hi Jossie!

    Thank you!!!!!
    That's so weird that adsense keeps denying you. Do they give you a reason? Yes, all my ads are adsense ads.
    I am off to your blog to follow you and will paste this comment there, too :)

  3. Thank you, Ryan! I love this layout! So happy with it!


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