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The Blog Workshop: Blogging Meets Business

As I have mentioned before, I have begun to rebuild my blogging status that I had let go to the wayside due to other life matters (education, my child, work, etc.).  I also decided when I returned to change the focus of my blog from just about books but about me, my life, and what I love.  I also am trying to bring this blog to a more professional standing.  I am treating this blog as not only my passion but also need to treat this as my business.  Am I looking to make this my full time career? Not intentionally.  If that happens, great but I have no intention of making my blog my primary income and leaving my day job (yet!) but I do want to build this blog for my passions.  I have my platforms (shaken baby syndrome prevention, disability rights and inclusion, entrepreneurial dreams, single special needs parenting,  etc.) and I feel I have a lot to offer in these areas.


I have a lot to relearn about blogging and networking.

I am very excited to learn about The Blog Workshop!

The Blog Workshop has a community for bloggers, workshops for learning and training, networking, conferences, even The Blog Workshop University and many more exciting features!  I am really excited to learn so much through TBW and hope that I will be able to really push my blog to another level.   There are so many things involved with taking your blog from a hobby to a business. For some, you may not be too concerned with the financial aspect but want to expand your readership and I feel that you can never learn too much in regards to marketing, advertising, SEO, etc.

Here's a video about The Blog Workshop you can watch to learn more:

Visit The Blog Workshop here
If you would like to find more information on the workshops, go here.
And to visit TBW University, go here.

Now, I don't know about you but SEO is something that I am not too fluent in and am currently trying to learn as much as possible and guess what? They have a Surviving SEO Workshop! Go here for more information.  This is a tough topic for me so ... I can't wait to learn more!

Check out what they have to offer! I know I am excited!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, I am not being paid with any direct financial incentives but I am receiving product to review.  This does not affect me ability to remain impartial

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