Random Wednesday Finds

Wowza! Happy Hump Day everybody!

 I am already ready for Friday. Come on... pleeeeeeeeeeease come on Friday! I just want to go get my produce coop on Saturday, prep the produce and meals for the next week, scrub my apartment and be lazy for Saturday Night Seduction on ID and then sleep in late on Sunday. I don't ask for much. Really, I don't.

 Here's another edition of cool stuff I find that I like and that I feel I need to share on Wednesdays. I have no clue WHY I picked Wednesdays but there's something wonderfully random about that middle of the week. Maybe it's just me. I am kinda not right sometimes. 

 By the way!, if you find some interesting items - give me a shout at revengeofthebooknerds at yahoo dot com. If you find something and send it my way, be sure to send me a link to where you found it (have to give credit where credit is due!) and I will also link your name to the item. Maybe this could be a cool link up in the future. What do you think? Ok, so here's some amazing stuff I like:
via the Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary Shop on Etsy
I found the above via a cute apothecary shop on Etsy called Aubrey Elizabeth Apothecary.  I have never purchased from this shop nor have I ever chatted with the owner (so just an FYI this isn't any form of sponsored post or anything...) but first, I love the design of the label and the image is great! I have been dying to try a lip scrub! Plus... this is lime.  It just sounds delicious! 

Dessert wines.  Do I really need to say more? By the way, this is a bit of a heads up kinda share for this one.  I am going to be posting a review about the above wines and lemme tell ya... oh happy day! You really CAN have your cake AND drink it, too! Delicia wines in Red Velvet and Peaches and Cream.  To. Die. For. Trust me.  

Image via Etsy Shop "This Girl Gabbie"

So.  I am a huge Austen and Heyer fan.   Well, and... Bronte and Dickens and... you get the point.  I need a new case for my iPhone and I have been EYEBALLING the above one for awhile.  I will probably get it soon!  Is it adorbs or what? Def for an Austenite! Again, not affiliated or sponsored by this Etsy shop but I found this AMAZING case at This Girl Gabbie's Etsy Shop.  She has some seriously fab cases in her shop.  Check it out.  

Soooo... did any of you find anything awesome this week? Share! 


  1. Also following along :) I feel like your blog may be bad for my wallet. I already want so much of that stuff <3 The iphone case is amazing.


    1. Yay! Thanks for following! Hahahhahaaa It's bad for MY wallet, too! That case is amazing! I want it alllll haha

      Thanks for coming by!


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