Monday Music: Regina Spektor and John Mayer

Happy Monday!

Wait.  Is that rude? Ha. Mondays can be good or bad- depending on how you want to handle it.  I almost didn't post my music post.  I am in a bit of a funk.  My daughter's 10th birthday is Wednesday and I am flat broke.  Like... so broke, I'm in the negative but it's all good.  I can't do anything about it, so no use getting worked up, right? As long as we have food in our mouths, clothing, a roof, etc.- it's all good.  However, I can't help but feel sad because this is a big birthday.  She's never really had a big birthday party- always something small with just family and no swimming in presents, so it's not like she's spoiled.  Le sigh... It just happened to be that my car plates and insurance premium are due this month.  Ok... enough of my pity pot whining.

I am on a John Mayer and Regina Spektor kick.  I think Regina's been on my mind alot thanks to Netflix's absolutely amazing series, Orange is the New Black.  Have you watched it yet? You must, if you have not! It's amazing.  I am in love with it and need season two to start! Good job, Netflix!

I don't judge John Mayer on his very public personal life.  It's his life to live and I am not going to judge him for his choices.  My life isn't without skeletons and I've had mine judged because as we all know, it's easy to judge when you are looking from the outside...

So, here are some songs I absolutely adore.  His voice is amazing.  His lyrics move me.

Regina... Regina.  The woman is a lyrical and piano madwoman.  She speaks to me in ways... well, just listen to her.  Her voice.  Her music.  She's amazing.  'Nuf Said.

Eet.  This song is what consumed me and brought me to the world of Regina:


  1. It's almost hard not to have John's personal life affect his music. I'll be listening to his serenading lyrics, then I snap out of it and remember that he's a bit of a jerk and that his lyrics are lies. Then again, I'm a special kind of cynic.


    1. Hi Sabrina,
      Believe me... I totally understand.

      I used to be the same way (a special kind of cynic- I love that!) but I think I hit some zen point in my life, aging or something. Ha ha. I try to enjoy the music, the lyrics and disconnect from the personal aspect because if I didn't, I wouldn't have a lot of music, movies, TV left to like...


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