Favorite Halloween Movies: Jaime's Edition Part 1

Yesterday, I posted Emma's favorite Halloween movies (read here.).  Today, it's my turn.

I will admit that I am a bit old school when it comes to my "scary" movies.  I like more of the older movies versus the more modern ones.  I am a bit more nostalgic, I guess you could say.  Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Halloween movies (notice, I only say SOME because honestly, my list would be endless, lol).

Let's start it off with.... HALLOWEEN! How can you NOT have a Halloween movie list without HALLOWEEN?  Yes, I like it in all caps.  Of course, I am referring to John Carpenter's Halloween not Rob Zombie's.  Michael Myers, you still give me heebie jeebies.

Good ol' Freddy Krueger gave me some great thrills growing up.  I don't care how cheesy they are now, Freddy still makes me jump! 
Poltergeist.  Enough said.
This movie has low ratings but I don't care, I still love it! Tawny Kitaen! 
The ugliest, creepiest doll.  Ever.  
Linda Blair.  Exorcist.  Scary, scary stuff!

REDRUM! REDRUM! REDRUM!!!  Oh my goodness, when I was pregnant with Emma (I was probably 7 months along), I got the great idea to watch The Shining.  I was in bed. Alone.  I fell asleep and I woke up to REDRUM! REDRUM! REDRUM! Almost gave me a heart attack! 

I think I will wrap up part one right here.  Part two will post tomorrow.   

Now, your turn! What are YOUR favorite SCARY movies?

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  1. Augh. Now these do NOT sound good! I hate scary movies with a passion!

    1. Haha! Yep, then these won't be in your lineup! I do love a good scary movie.

  2. Now of course I love the first two Halloween movies, though I hate the disatorous Rob Zombie remakes. I also like Poltergeist and I just bought The Shining on Blu Ray for 8 bucks yesterday. I'm actually a little more old school than you. I love the original Cat People, The Haunting, The Uninvited, Dracula, and a few other classic horror movies. And of course I love a lot of The Hammer studios movies.

    1. I agree about the Rob Zombie remakes. Blah!

      I do like some of the more classic, older ones you listed. Nosferatu is another great one!!!

  3. I can't with these movies, unless I have a big sexy stud muffin to "protect" me! LOL!!!!! I am all about Hocus Pocus and Tower of Terror! LOL!


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