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     I have posted previously that I have been in a bit of a financial bind. I'm seeing a relief soon (not a huge relief, but maybe one more knot will exit my shoulder) but some things have happened and I have put myself in a bit of predicament a time or two. It's two days before payday, I have a nearly empty tank of a gas and a seriously empty bank account. I gamble by going to the gas station and crossing my fingers that the charge won't post for two days. Some times, I am golden and other times- BAM! Overdraft charges.

     One of the nice things is you can avert a bank with overdraft charges by using an option like  The card is a debit card, just like the one I get with my checking account.  You use it everywhere Visa is accepted!  You can only use what is in your account, no courtesy overdraft! No need to opt-in or opt-out!  Yes, we all know to be careful but there are just some times... well, desperate times call for desperate measures.  

     The card is free for the first 30 days and then there is a $5.95 monthly fee UNLESS you have $800 direct deposited.  Same cost as the Walmart card and less than many other alternate debit card options.  And as I stated above, no overdraft charges!  I have only had it happen a few times but when it happens, it hurts! So... here are some awesome perks of

  • Free to order, activate and load
  • Free app and check deposits from your smartphone
  • Free direct deposit
  • Free card-to-card transfers, any time, anywhere, in seconds
  • No overdraft fees -- never goes negative!
  • Safer than cash - 24/7 support, Visa fraud protection and 100% FDIC insurance on funds
  • No debt, financially responsible, no interest/credit/APRs
  • No credit check and approval in seconds
  • 22,000 in-network ATMs
  • Thousands of cool, unique card designs to choose from, including brands like: Garfield, Popeye, Betty Paige, James Dean, Care Bears, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Autism Awareness, Breast Cancer Research, Shark Week, Where's Waldo, Doodle Jump, THree Stooges, Nancy Drew, etc.

I opted for my fab nerd status card: Star Trek Deep Space Nine and I picked the one of the space station. What can I say? I loooove Star Trek! I used my card at my local Half Priced book stores and bought some food for my brain and the girl ringing me up was super geeked out over my card. I was seriously waving it around. Haha. What? I am not lying. I plan to use this card to connect with my PayPal account, especially when I start building up my Etsy shop and adding more products. I need to keep the money separate and this is perfect.

So, go check them out at and fall in love with the designs. Oh and keep in mind, this is NOT a gift card but a true-blue debit card!

disclaimer: I was provided with a product to review. The views/opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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