Monday Music: Tegan and Sara

As I like to remind you all, I am always late to the party.  I always love something as soon as it's being discontinued, already out of style or the singers are on their third or fourth album.  Such is life in my world.  Let me use the usual suspects of excuses: I am a single mom.  I have a child with multiple special needs.  I work full time.  I am a student.  Blah Blah. Bullshit.  I am just late to the game.  Always.

With that being said, I don't listen to the radio too often.  I am usually listening to my downloads, Pandora, Live365 or some radio stations that play older music.

Oh, let me side step to a wee bit of a rant.  I upgrade my iPhone 4s iOS to iOS 7.  I regret it for the time being.  My phone runs like crap- like wicked slow and apps crash.  Oh and Apple Radio? You. Suck. Balls. Big time.  There isn't enough variety! For example, I created a Hall & Oates station (Don't judge, you know you love them, too.) and that means I want to hear artists like Hall & Oates and while I do love Sara Smile, I don't want to hear it 10 times a day.  Every time I have tried to listen to the H&O station- it's the same songs in rotation.  Frag that. I am over it.  And it's not just my H&O station, it's all my stations (Yes, I have more than 80s 'Stache music.  I promise!).

So, as I was saying, I don't listen to the terrestrial/air stations all that often.  I get tired of the same music being played and lackluster radio DJs.  So, I guess it's not surprising that I am late to the Tegan and Sara party.  I ended up buying their "Heartthrob" album and it's amazing.  I am enamored! I've been listening to it a lot! It's only $3.99 for the MP3 album on Amazon or you can buy the CD and get the free autorip MP3 from Amazon!  These twins sisters are AMAZING.

Here are my four favorite songs from "Heartthrob":

They covered "Time After Time". Awesome.

Of course, now I am obsessing and want all their music.

THIS posting on Buzzfeed pretty much rocked my world.

Are you obsessing over any albums or songs lately?

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