Thankfulness or Thankfakeness?

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     Ahhhh November.  Monday is Veteran's Day (thanks guys and gals of the armed forces) and Thanksgiving is soon.  Of course, that means it's National Publicly Post Your Thankfulness Month.  Okay, it's NOT really but it feels like it.  I get the whole point in flooding posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. what you are thankful for but when I read some of them, it makes me wonder WHY.  If you're truly thankful for these things in your life, why do you HAVE to post it? It doesn't give it any credibility.  I almost feel like for some, it's lies they want to believe.  (I blame it on the book I just read "Lies You Wanted to Hear").  It makes me think of those who post "Loving life!" or "I love my life" and you know damn good and well, they are miserable.  Is it all social media show or is it truth?  Don't get me wrong.  People should be thankful for what they have and maybe just finding a little something to be thankful for helps deal with the issues plaguing their lives.   Maybe, just maybe, it helps ease the pain and helps the person move forward.

     I struggle every single day with trying to find the good in my life and those who know me outside of the internet know that I am a raging bitch.  (I am not kidding!).  I am a very realistic soul.  I am not sure if I would say I am a negative Nancy (though, I can be!) but I try to weigh both sides and I am brutally honest (maybe, too much so) but I don't want to lie.  My problem is that I need to practice "It's not what you say, it's how you say it" and be much more tactful.  THANKFULLY, my friends and family are used to my chronic bitch-faceness.  

     As much as I struggle with Emma's traumatic brain injury and the betrayal of what happened to her (Shaken baby), I have come to terms with the here and now.  It has taken me years to get to where I am now and I still have a long way to go. 

    In the spirit of the season, here's what I am thankful for:

1.  I have a job that I truly enjoy.  It's exhausting and some days, very frustrating but I love a good fight.  
2.  Emma's tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy.  She was suffering with obstructive sleep apnea and removing those buggers has resolved that issue which in turn, resolves other issues.  She's getting a good night's sleep, she's less frustrated and she can be redirected easier.  Oh and her attitude? Awesome! 

3.  Going back to Kansas this year.  It sucks I went back because my dad passed away but I got to see my family! It was very bittersweet but I am glad I went home.

4.  My family.  We're dysfunctional in every sense but we're family and it's quite humorous to see our train wrecks.  

5.  Phoenix winter.  It's beautiful, it's perfect and I love it. 

Your turn! 


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