Major Zulily Deals!

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I don't know if any of you are familiar with Zulily or if you have purchased from them, but if not, you need to! I absolutely ADORE Zulily and I have had nothing by GOOD experiences with them.  

If you're not familiar, essentially- it's a daily deal website where you can score items at a fraction of the retail cost.  Zulily lists items for sale and then when the sale closes, they order from the manufacturer, the items are received by Zulily and THEN shipped to you.  It can take about a month from the time you order.  I want to share that part with you so that way you aren't surprised how long it takes.  I have experienced GREAT customer service from them, too.  I bought all of Emma's ballet leotards, tutus and tights from there.  I have purchased Cricut supplies and many other items.  I love it! 

Here are some amazing upcoming deals! 

Let me know if you grab any smoking items!  Can't wait for you to share your spoils! 

Tuesday, December 10th

Wednesday, December 11th
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