Project Life Pens Review

I am a huge fan of Project Life by Becky Higgins.  The concept is brilliant, it's scrapbooking for us lazy busy  folks.  I don't have the patience or creativity for traditional scrapbooks but Project Life? I can do.  Slide photos in, fill out journal cards and bam! Perfect scrapbook! It's so easy, the albums are adorable and the all star cast of designers have created awesome journal cards.  Seriously, go check it out.

I was insanely excited when Project Life was on HSN.  The deals were smoking! I ordered two kits: One Jade and one Blush, with the Blush being on Autoship with a few mini kits.  They are amazing.

I have zero complaints about the kits but my complaint lies with the PL Pens that I purchased.  I purchased the 18 pack of pens in March and by August they are bone dry.  Not every single pen but a good majority of them are.  They weren't cheap.  I paid $25.15 for 18 pens.  I am extremely disappointed and I won't buy these pens again nor will I buy any from American Crafts (the maker of said pens)  unless their quality control kicks up their game.  I think one is better off with a set of Sharpies and at least you get more color options.


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  1. oooh thanks for this review! I did not order but was still hoping to buy some! Now for sure I wont be buying any and wont feel bad about it!
    You rock my friend!

    1. You're welcome! When they are working, they are amazing but.... it just sucks that most didn't work.

  2. I really appreciate you sharing this. I will make sure I never buy any of tese pens. Thank you so much


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