Twas The Day After Christmas...

and this Thursday felt like Monday so I have dubbed it... Monday #2.  

I love, love, love that we got a surprise day off for Christmas Eve! The big boss said shut 'er down.  I was good with that.  However... it makes doing five days of work in three days very difficult.  Even more so because it's the end of the year and 2014 health insurance changes are going to create chaos but... whatever.  That is the life of the health care field- every changing.  I call it job security :) 

How was everybody's Christmas? Ours was nice.  It was actually just my daughter and I but it was nice.  She was happy as could be with her presents and it was nice just to have some quiet, down time.  I think my sister, Emma and I will go see a movie this weekend.  

The last few years, I have kinda been a Christmas fail and I tried really, really, really hard to do a bit more.   I wish family came over but it's okay.  We all have conflicts this year but next year will be nice! 

On Christmas Eve,  Emma and I had hot cocoa with lots and lots of marshmallows.  She absolutely loved it.

Of course, Santa was left some cookies and cocoa, too.  

Santa *cough* *cough* overdid it on the chocolate this year and was sick by the time nightfall came... whoops.

My little lady wanted to sleep on the couch.  How could I say no?

So.  My life is a bit like... the Griswolds.  That might explain why they're some of my favorite movies.

I hadn't put up a tree in awhile.  Like a long while.  I was only putting Emma's teeny princess tree.  LOL.  I have been a bit lazy.  So, about three years ago I put my full sized tree in the storage on my patio.  Whole.  With the ribbons on it.  And the lights on it.  Ghetto fab, yo.  So, I pulled it out.  Whole.  The base is bent.  The branches are bent.  It was COATED in dust.   Also, same went for most of my decorations.  Haha.  Needless to say, my tree is a bit like Charlie Brown's and I will be buying a new one for next year.  

I am a CRAPPY wrapper. 

One of my favorite pieces of decor- scored this from Barnes and Noble last year for $5! 

Like my movie and cookbook hoarding? Yeah.  Me, too.  Oh look... kid art on the Expedit.... 

Scored these at Michael's for $1 a tube! Next year's tree! 

One of my favorite ornaments! She was 3 years old and made this when she attended a school for kids with visual impairments.  

Yup. Chocolate for breakfast.  Don't judge.  Ha.  Her favorite gift: Baby Alive that poops.  Yep.  It poops.  Oh and she named her Charlie after "Good Luck, Charlie!"

This was our little Christmas!

How was yours? 

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful!! I love all the decorations -- especially the Believe blocks. Merry Christmas!!

    1. Awww! Thank you so much! I adore the blocks! They're my favorite!

  2. Aww beautiful pictures!! I love hot cocoa with marshmallows!! :)

  3. I'm so glad you and your daughter had a good Christmas!!! :-) And chocolate for breakfast on Christmas is perfect!!! :-)

    1. Aw! Thank you! It was nice. I totally agree... all rules go out the door on Christmas... chocolate it is :)

  4. Mmmmm, hot cocoa with extra extra marshmallows sounds just right to me! I'm glad your daughter loved everything and I'm really glad you got an extra day off!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy soon to be new year my dear!

    1. Doesn't it, though? Extra extra marshmallows makes all things right in the world!

      Thank you so much! And the best new year to you, too, my friend!


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