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Food: Slow Cooker Mojo Criollo Pork

Food photography is HARD.  I want to, right now, give a standing ovation to food bloggers and food photographers.  It's so hard to take a photo of food and achieve the following goals: show off the beauty of it, make it look edible, have it look desirable and activate smellivision.  Okay, Smellivision is a dream but I know you know what I mean- you look at a photo of the food and you can practically smell and taste it.  Amazing.  So... like I said, KUDOS to you all! Amazing.  Serious respect here!

I have been learning how to take better pictures and I am seeing payoff (yeah, my old photos are quite embarrassing).  My photos aren't perfect but they are definitely improving and I am happy.  They can only get better, right? Learning to get the right exposure setting, the right F-Stop, the right ISO, etc. etc. etc.  it is a lot of work but I am excited to improve and to continue to improve.  I have a Canon T2i and I love it! I love what it's capable of doing. I have a 50 mm lens and of course, the kit lens.  I've had it for about two years now and have only recently been figuring out its potential.  I do plan to upgrade this year (I hope!).   I bought a book on Amazon called "From Snapshots to Great Shots" (I will include an affiliate banner with a link if you are interested.  I think the information is great for ANY Canon DSLR for a beginner).    I've also been reading lots of blogs with some AMAZING tips! (If you post photography tips, THANKS A BUNCH!).

So, to the food. 

I am very luck living in Phoenix and even luckier that I live right in the central part of the city because it's so diverse.  I am surrounded by Hispanic markets, Asian markets, Indian specialty shops, African markets, Russian Markets, European markets, etc. etc. etc.  You get the picture.  Oh and the restaurants that are popping up... AMAZING.  It's awesome.  I love the diversity.  Also, the markets have such an amazing selection of items at such amazing prices.  I am a lucky girl!

I bought a pork shoulder at a Hispanic Market called "Pro's Ranch Market" (I believe they are also in California) during one of their awesome meat sales (Oh and the produce prices are amazing, too.  Six cucumbers for $0.99? Score!) and the meat counter guy pointed to a bottle of Mojo Criollo marinade and said it was really, really good and I should use it with the pork.  It was only $2.99 and figured it couldn't hurt.
This is the bomb.  THE BOMB, I SAY!!!!
So, Thursday night, I had my 3 lbs of pork marinading in the Mojo Criollo sauce and on Saturday, I slow cooked it in my crock pot for 7 hours covered and then an hour UNCOVERED (I wanted to crisp it up a bit).  

It was soooooooooooooooooo good.  SOOOO good.  The flavor isn't overwhelming- it really brought out the flavor of the pork with the citrus, garlic and onion.  It was so flavorful but it didn't mask/overwhelm.  I rolled it up in a burrito with cilantro, onions plus extra pico de gallo (I'm lazy.  I bought it from the fresh salsa section of the market).  I plan to make cilantro lime rice, black beans and some cilantro ranch and making a salad with the leftovers.  Again... SO GOOD!

My "recipe" (I feel like calling it a recipe is a disservice.  Haha.)

3 lb Pork Shoulder (heck, you can do beef or chicken and any cut of pork!)
Enough Mojo Criollo sauce to cover the meat.  

I marinaded the meat for 30 hours.  You really don't need to do it that long.  

  • Cook in the crock pot on low for seven hours (covered). 
  • Cook uncovered for 1 hour.
  • (You could even cook it in a dutch oven).

Serve with cilantro, onions, pico de gallo, cheese.. whatever! Eat it in tacos, burritos, salad... your options are ENDLESS! Enjoy! 

I know Goya sales a Mojo Criollo and there are several recipes online where you can make your own Mojo Criollo sauce! 
Here are my shots as I was playing around :)  
This is the pork when I changed the White Balance to Daylight (Sitting near the dining room window)

This is with the White Balance on Tungsten. Both have the same ISO, FStop and Exposure setting.  

Which one do you think looks more appealing, the top with the Daylight white balance or the bottom with the Tungsten setting?

The book I told  you about plus some others from the same series:

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  1. Of the two pictures you've mentioned and asking which looks better, I'm going to go ahead and have to choose the one with the daylight white balance as it looks more appealing and has a restaurant style look to it.

  2. I personally prefer the daylight white balance photo. As Daniel said, it looks more appealing and has that restaurant quality look to it. Great shot!

  3. In concert with the previous two comments the daylight with white balance looks more appetizing. The second photo on tungsten setting looks a bit too gray and next to the other looks spoiled. Kudos on improving your photography. I hope one day to have a dslr for my blog photography. Unless I by chance win one it's going to be a while.

    1. Thanks so much, Lucero! You are right. I was like hmmm.... does it look TOO washed out? My gut was with the daylight but you know... haha.

      I hope you get one, too!

  4. Bookmarking this post. This looks DELICIOUS!


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