Trying Something New!

Happy Saturday!

Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend? Not I! This was the oddest week ever.  I love getting the day off on a holiday but boy does it throw me off.  My work is in a bit of mass chaos and I couldn't get my mind straight at work.  Wednesday felt like Sunday.  Thursday felt like Monday.  Friday was totally Friday.  Ahhhh... the life of a 9-to-5er.  I have some work place goals for 2014 so next week, I'll be hitting it hard.

Hold the phone.  Why in the world am I talking about WORK on SATURDAY? For shame.

Yesterday morning, like the genius I am- I played around with my template BUT I didn't back it up and I don't have a downloaded copy (new computer and not all my files got backed up).  Waaaahhhh and I totally fragged it up.  BUT I did partially fix it and I kind of like it.  I will get a new one designed at some point but for now, this works.

Oh.  Yes.  I did say in my title I will be trying something new.  What is this "new" thing I speak of? Well.  When you comment, I try to comment back to you directly in the threaded conversation and I also try to visit to your blog.  I noticed when I comment back, most don't realize that I have replied (if you subscribed to updates, you would but I know you don't want to know when there's a new comment from other people!) and I would love to have two way conversations (maybe you do, too?).  So, I have enabled the settings for me to get the email notification and I am going to try responding via email (if you're not a No Reply) so you know I've acknowledged your comment and I want to converse with you! If you don't want to reply, that's okay.

What do you think about that?

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  1. Hello dear! Yesterday I messed up a little with my template too! I usually comment back visiting other bloggers because most of them are no-reply-comment-bloggers. I think that answering both on your blog and on others' might be time consuming :-) let me know how you get on (I am not a no-reply-comment-blogger). Much much Love,
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  2. Oh, this is something new! I get e-mail notifications too, and when the e-mail is a "no-reply" I just visit the blog to find the e-mail. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but it's not really that much. I'm glad you're taking this step to talk to other bloggers! It's going to be a ton of fun :)

  3. My work week confusing to me too. One small change and my brain just can't handle it.

    Barbara @

  4. I think it's nice to reply via email for certain people, especially if they ask questions or you want to add something to their thoughts. I'm always big on comment on people's actual blogs too. If someone comments on my blog, I visit theirs as a thanks and to make new bloggy friends. :)

    Lauren from

  5. Responding via email sounds like a great solution to the commenting issue! In fact, hope you don't mind, but I might try your email idea for myself. Not sure what to do with the people who aren't linked (no-reply email), but at least it's a start!


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