Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all are having a GREAT weekend.  Mine is good, it's a three day weekend for me (which makes me uber happy!).  My daughter had her EEG on Friday.  It's routine, she gets them every few years because she does have seizures from her traumatic brain injury.  Her results are NEVER normal.  It's to see if there is more or less seizure activity since her last one.  She did great, so I am happy.  She did force her doll to get the EEG done, too.  Ha.

I went to Costco for my weekly hoarding shopping.  I ALWAYS buy a rotisserie chicken when I go.  I have seen several recipes/pins, etc. around the interwebz for a buffalo chicken pasta.  It just looks so good.  So... of course, I had to try my hand at one.  I didn't follow any one person's recipe so it's inspired by the internet.

I boiled the chicken in a large stock pot for 20 minutes.  I shredded it and reserved the broth.

I used 1.5 cups of the chicken broth for the buffalo sauce:
1/2 cup of Frank's Red Hot
1 1/2 cups of chicken broth.
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 chopped up onion
1 block of cream cheese
the shredded chicken.
1 packet of ranch dressing mix (you won't use all of it!)

In a large pan over low heat- mix up all the ingredients until the mixture is smooth and the cream cheese is melted* and then add the chicken and just sprinkle a small amount of the ranch dressing mix on top and mix thoroughly.

*I failed to this.  My cream cheese was still chunky but I was HUNGRY and ready to get my grub on.  Ha.  Don't do what I did... it tasted fine

I cooked my pasta in the chicken broth in the stock pot.  Might as well add extra flavor!

I thought it was yummy! One thing I will do is add mozzarella cheese or maybe even spinach would be good.

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