Ways to Save on Time and Healthcare Costs for Busy Moms

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I get asked quite a bit about how I am able to juggle being not only a single mother, but a single, working mom of a special needs child.  Generally my answer is "You do what you have to do!" and that's true! We all live such busy lives that we all learn to juggle our tasks and frankly we are masters at it.  One of the things that I do struggle with is finding time to take care of MY health care needs.  With all of Emma's medical needs, I run out of PTO (personal time off) rather quickly or I need to bank it for upcoming days off from school for her (no caregiver available) or upcoming procedures.   Let's not forget her super packed schedule of therapies, ballet, and adaptive fitness I can't take time off for my needs so I use the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Phoenix for my minor illnesses and  healthcare needs.  

Here are some ways that I utilize the Walgreens #HealthcareClinic to save on time and health care costs for me, a busy mom! 

#healthcareclinic #collectivebias #shop

1.  They are open SEVEN days a week! 

I have been able to get in on a Saturday to see the health care provider at the clinic when I had a sinus infection and I did not need to try and figure out how I could find a way to take time off and have enough PTO time to use.  

2.  Most insurance plans are accepted. 

You can easily check on their website to see if they accept your health plan.   

Two years ago, I opted to take the HSA (Health Savings Account) plan during our open enrollment at my company (I work for a large radiology company).  I am fairly healthy and I felt that this would be the most cost effective option for me.  Our traditional $1500/year deductible costs the same bi-weekly as the HSA.  The difference is, once a month the company deposits $75 into my HSA Visa card and I use that card to pay for my health related expenses.  I have a higher deductible ($2500) BUT I don't foresee ever hitting it but if I do, everything is covered at 100% after that.  However, I have to pay 100% of the Blue Cross Blue Shield contracted rates until I hit that deductible (except for the annual well visits, those are paid with nothing out of pocket).  Since I work in the health care field and I do billing, coding, pricing and appeals, I know that sometimes the cash pay rate can be less than the insurance rate.  So, when I go to the Healthcare Clinic, I end up paying with my health care Visa card.  It's MUCH less out of pocket for me and I am able to save money versus going to my general provider and paying much more for a minor illness.  

3.  The pharmacy is ON-SITE! 

Of course, the clinic is INSIDE the Walgreens stores so it's so convenient to just have the provider transmit your prescription directly to the pharmacy and whenever I have gone, the wait has been very short!  I am a part of the prescription savings club through Walgreens and I check to see which is less costly- using my Blue Cross Blue Shield plan or paying the cash price and most times, the cash price is less! 

4.  Online Scheduling

You can schedule a time online and also, you can check the wait times.  The last time I had a UTI, I knew I had it.  It was a Friday night.  My doctor's office doesn't open on Saturdays and I really, really did not want to wait until the following Monday, I scheduled my appointment online.  I like knowing the wait times, so I can have a better idea of it.  You feel like poo, you really don't want to deal with waiting! 

5.  Prices are available online. 

Don't have insurance? No problem.  They have their prices available on the website.  You won't be blind sided.  Their prices are truly affordable.  

6.  Besides, I'd rather be outside in our perfect Arizona Weather!

#healthcareclinic #collectivebias #shop

#healthcareclinic #collectivebias #shop

What about you? What do you do to save on time and healthcare costs for you or your family?

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