Seriously. Nescafe + Coffee-Mate - What else is better together?

This is a post and giveaway is sponsored by Nestle.  I was provided awesome product. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.
Nescafe and Coffee-Mate review

Can you smell it? Doesn't coffee smell amazing? How about adding a rich vanilla aroma? Yeah.  That's perfect. There are just some things in life that go better together

Peanut butter and jelly.

Macaroni and cheese.

Tacos and Tuesdays.

Bacon and... oh pffftttt, what DOESN'T bacon make a perfect marriage with?

BUT... what about coffee and cream? Even better.  What about Nescafe and Coffee-Mate. Together as one. 2 in 1.   Yes.  Yes.  Instant happiness and love in my life. 

Yes, you are correct! Coffee-Mate and Nescafe are married! The geniuses at Nestle have combined the perfect sweet and creaminess of Coffee-Mate with their brilliant and convenient (and delicious!) Nescafe.  All together. In one. 

Nescafe + Coffee-Mate Review

I am in love.  I have whined blogged about trying to cut back spending and although I have stopped going to Starbucks, I have still been hitting up Dunkin Donuts on the mornings my daughter has therapy.  I am always rushing out the door.  With the new Nescafe and Coffee-Mate all-in-one, I can grab and go and make my coffee once I get to work vs. spending extra money. 

Nescafe + Coffee-Mate Review

Also- it just tastes better! I have been bringing all three Nescafes with me (french vanilla- OMG! Yum. Hazelnut *swoons* and original, oh so creamy!) to work and have been sharing them with my coworker on our morning breaks.  When she tried the French Vanilla- the words out of her mouth were "Mmmmm this is divine".  Yeah.  She's been going to town on my coffee.  It's okay- to me, coffee is a social drink and it's meant to be enjoyed together with friends and family.  It's been a stressful few weeks at our jobs and we deserve a little treat, right?

Nescafe + Coffee-Mate Review

You know what goes great with Nescafe and Coffee-Mate? Sharing amazing products with friends.

I also am really excited to give you a chance to win two week supply of Nescafe + Coffee-Mate!

Nescafe + Coffee-Mate Review

I'm pretty excited!  This is the bomb, yo!

US residents only but have fun and good luck!

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