Tips to staying healthy during fall and winter with immune support

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Tips to staying healthy during fall and winter #24HourEsterC #ad

Guess what?! It's 74 degrees today! Time to break out with the sweaters! Ha ha! We're pretty much late bloomers here in Phoenix (well, you all from the Southeast all the way to the Southwest totally understand this).  It's time to open windows, get outside more and it also means, preparing for fall and providing more immune support for my body!

Since my daughter is brain damaged, I not only have to protect her health- I have to protect mine. As a single mom, I carry all the weight on my shoulders.   

Tips to staying healthy during fall and winter

1.  I drink a LOT of water.

Maintaining proper hydration helps with your overall health.  I especially love lemon water because it tastes good and is good for my kidneys.

Tips for staying healthy this fall #24HourEsterC #ad

2.  I carry hand sanitizer with me.

I depend on proper hand-washing protocols but you never know when you will be at a place without a sink and soap reasonably close!

3.  Disinfecting wipes. 

Call me paranoid but I have disinfecting wipes with me.  

4.  Getting a full night's sleep.

This is easier said than done, I know but you can help support your body's defenses by quality sleep.  Most nights, I get a total of 5-6 hours of sleep.  During the winter months, I try at least 7 to 7 1/2 hours.  Also, no electronics in my bedroom. 

5.  Eating healthy.

This is an area that I struggle with but am currently improving the quality of my diet and eating more whole foods.

6. Exercising

I have been waking up half an hour early so I can get in a bit of cardio and strength training in the morning.  I've mentioned before that I have to get myself healthy and this journey has definitely been a challenge but slow and steady wins the race, right? I have also been walking on my breaks at work and hiking more and more.

Tips for staying healthy this fall #24HourEsterC #ad

Tips for staying healthy this fall #24HourEsterC #ad

7.  Meditate

I know that stress can really break down your immune system and by meditating, I can help relieve  stress and allow my mind to relax.  

8.  Ester-C

Tips for staying healthy this fall #24HourEsterC #ad

All the above tips are great but adding Ester-C will really help support your body's immune system.  We all know Vitamin C is a powerful for your health and Ester-C goes above your typical vitamin C supplement by providing 24-hour immune support and is gentle on your stomach.  What makes Ester-C more powerful is that it contains metabolites (naturally occurring) that help your white blood cells' ability to retain the vitamin C.  Your white bloods cells are a key component of the immune system.  

Also, they are available in 1000mg & 500mg tablets and are NON-GMO (Yay!), suitable for vegetarians and do not contain gluten.

Prior to Emma's brain injury and long before I started working in healthcare, I worked in the vitamin (aka nutraceutical) industry and I loved it.  Growing up, my father was religious on supplementing his diet with vitamins and minerals.  For the most part, up until the last decade of his life- he was extremely healthy (except he was a long time smoker, same with my mother) and he still kept up his regimen after having a quintuple heart bypass and getting diagnosed with cancer.  I will say that the memories of him taking his dietary supplements have always lingered and still make an impression on me.

You can find Ester-C at your local Walmart in the Vitamins aisle by the pharmacy!

Tips for staying healthy this fall #24HourEsterC #ad

If you'd like to learn MORE about Ester-C, visit their website here.
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you take care of your health?

Do you take any vitamins, minerals or any other supplements?

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