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My name is Jaime and I am a music junkie

 *waves hello* 

I have never been a music snob- I just love a good beat, fantastic lyrics and an amazing voice. I love hearing artists perform live, I love acapella, I love instrumental music, hip hop, alternative, I think you get the drift. 

However, I do love when I find out about new and independent artists. I also love many mainstream artists but there's something about finding an independent artist who pushes music to the edge and tries to create something unique and groundbreaking. I get butterflies when I hear people gush about relatively unknown artists. For me, it’s like I discovered them. Ha ha. 

 There’s also nothing like introducing a friend to an artist they have never heard of and see them really fall for the music. A friend of mine is a musician and he introduced me to romance metal. Yes! It’s legit! He introduced me to a band called “36 Crazyfists” and they are absolutely amazing. Brock is a lyrical genius. 
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I love that Scion has been such a huge supporter of musicians, especially underground artists. I have a few friends who are Scion owners and they’re huge music loves. Coincidence? I think not… 

What are some of your favorite musical artists?  

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