Currently Obsessing: European Butter, Tea, and Georgette Heyer (+Giveaway)

There is nothing better than a day when everything turns out perfectly.  You discover delicious European butter, you get all your chores done early and you can enjoy a book on the patio with a cup of tea and the silence of the early morning.  Dreamy.

Finlandia European Butter is heaven.  HEAVEN.   As a book reader, I have read descriptions about butter that was handmade, creamy and flavorful enough to eat straight up and hadn't really tasted ANY that fit that description except Finlandia. It's everything that butter is supposed to taste like.  The level of salt is perfect, the smooth and creamy taste, and savoriness just started singing the mermaid song.  #ITakeButterSeriously Non-GMO (per European standards), no added hormones, pure milk from family-owned farms and NOTHING artificial.

Helloooooooooooooo gorgeous.   Perfectly salted butter + fig preserves on top of perfectly toasted English muffin (yes, I like them EXTRA toasted) = the perfect marriage.

Finlandia European Butter, Georgette Heyer and English tea = perfect morning.

Georgette Heyer is one of my favorite Regency period authors (second to Jane Austen).  I don't read a lot of romance novels but classic romances (especially Regency and Victorian!) are ones I will.

What I love about Georgette romances are the strong female characters, the charming men and the witty dialogue.  They're smart, they're fun and they are absolutely perfect.  Her mysteries? Ohhhhh they are wonderful.  They are cozy.  Think along the lines of a good Agatha Christie novel.  Just perfect.

An absolutely glorious day.

English muffin topped with creamy Finlandia European butter + a cup of tea + Georgette Heyer and getting to sit down and enjoy the quiet morning.

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Of course, USA only.

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