Tip for Extreme Heat Patio Gardening (plus free Poise Samples)

Thank you to Poise for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try recycling my unused period pads

2015 is the first year I have tried my hand at container gardening.  It's definitely been trial and error.  Living in the extreme heat requires certain plants to be watered a few times a day since plants in terracotta or plastic pots essentially cook as they retain and hold in the heat.

I have had many plant deaths.

*hides head in shame*

Quite sad.  *sniff* The only one living is the jalapeno plant.

I put all the pots close to the edge of my patio so they can get water from the sprinklers while I am at work and then I tried to water them at night and in the AM.  Well... sometimes, I forgot for a day or two.

Yeah.  *clears throat*

I decided to try something new with some flowers and if it's a success,, I will try this again in the fall/spring with more produce.

I have read about using the crystals in diapers as a way to help retain moisture in pots but I no longer have a child in diapers and frankly, they're expensive.  I figured I could recycle period pads as ways to retain moisture.  I already have them on hand and don't need them for LBL.

I threw one in the bottom. 

Poured potting soil over it.  Watered the soil. 

And planted my flowers in the soil and covered with more soil and water.  These require 6 hours of direct sunlight (piece of cake in Phoenix.)

Aren't they pretty?

I will update you in a few weeks to see how they are growing.

If you are using period pads for light bladder leakage, use the pads for other uses (like above) and grab some FREE SAMPLES OF POISE and use them instead!

What other tips do you have for growing plants in containers?

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