Jaime Loves Stuff : Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water with SodaStream Power

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water with SodaStream Power

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Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

I am seriously on a glitter kick.  Maybe it's all about sparkling through this life because not only am I obsessed with glitter but also with sparkling water.  When I tried some of the crazy amazing SodaStream Sparkling Drink Mixes with the SodaStream Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker, I felt an overwhelming desire to make some sparkling, glittery glasses.

Sparkling glasses for sparkling water...

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

These glasses are super easy.  All you need is decoupage glue (I used the dishwasher safe stuff but you can use any of the decoupage mediums), glitter (yasssssssssss!), paint pen, foam paint brush (or foam pouncer, I use either one), rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.  Oh and glasses, of course! 

First- you will want to clean your glasses with rubbing alcohol (on the cotton balls) and allow to air dry.  It will help the glue stick and same with the paint.  

Second, liberally apply glue to glass stem (You can even go higher on the glass but you don't want to go too high due to avoiding where lips will touch the glitter)

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

3.  Go glitter mad! Shake it all over where the glue is (do this over paper so you can catch the extra glitter and put it back in the jar! Can't waste that sparkly perfection). 

4.  Allow the glue to dry an hour.  Spread another layer of glue and glitter.  Allow to dry another hour and apply a final sealing coat and allow to dry.  If using the dishwasher safe glue, allow to cure 21 days. 

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

5.  Optional- Paint the glasses! I use a fun paint pen and wrote "Shiny" and "Bright" in silver on each glass.  I definitely recommend practicing on paper prior to writing on each glass. 

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

These came out soooo cute! 

A fun gift idea for a sparkling water lover would be to create a gift basket with these handmade glasses and a line up of  SodaStream Sparkling Drink Mixes and a SodaStream Power.   

They would also be perfect for any Christmas get togethers or New Years Eve party- change up the wording and colors. 

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

I am CRAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZYYYY in love with the SodaStream Power.

When I decided to cut down on drinking sodas (I am not there 100%, YET!), I turned to sparkling water.  I have been a HUGE fan of the SodaStream units since they came out.  When I first got one, I wanted to save money and be more sustainable and make  drinks at home.  The SodaStream Power is insanely awesome.  With the the quick snap-lock bottle insertion and a touch of a button, voila! Sparkling water. 

I am in love with the line up of drink mixes and my favorite? Blackcurrant lime.  Blackcurrant lime, coriander apple blossom, and green apple cucumber are part of the Waters line called Gourmet.  Chef Paul Liebrandt created the Sparkling Gourmet line offering unique chef-inspired flavor combinations and high-quality natural ingredients. 

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

I make a liter of it and take it with me to work to have a better drinking option! I have been focusing on making better choices in regards to what I eat and drink.  The biggest battle is all the sugary drinks I really, really like and all though I have not 100% eliminated them, I have cut down by switching to sparkling water.  

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

They also have the Zeros line, which is full of fruit flavors sweetened with the natural plant-based sweetened, stevia.  Zero calories and available in Cranberry Raspberry and Pink Grapefuit.  The Fruits line is a fruity flavor sensation available in flavors like Kiwi Pear, Orange mango and berry mix

Sodastreamusa.com offers free shipping on all orders over $50
You can find the latest SodaStream offers here

Easy Glitter Glasses and Sparkling Water

What recipe would you make with the SodaStream Sparkling Water mixes? 

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