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Collecting memories with the lowest priced unlimited plans

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I read something the other day- "Collect Memories, Not Things" or maybe it was "Objects" instead of things.  Either ways, it made me really think about how much STUFF we have and how LITTLE we do.  I am usually tied up with work online, housework, etc and I said enough.  Life is too short to be cooped up inside working, working and more working! 

Collect Memories, Not Things.  Walmart Family Mobile's lowest priced unlimited plans

The weather was absolutely beautiful this past weekend.  It was breezy, under 80 and the zoo was calling us.  I was able to pull up online coupons for the Wildlife World Zoo on my phone thanks to having a mobile phone plan with unlimited talk, text, and data/web

Collect Memories, Not Things.  Wildlife World Zoo SkyRide with lowest priced unlimited plans

I am DEATHLY afraid of heights.  I think the ferris wheel is the ultimate horror show.  What bothers me is the wide openness of the seat.  No harness. No cage.  Nada.  I am getting sweaty palms thinking about it.

Prostate Cancer: Education and Empowerment

This post is sponsored by Prolaris and Myriad Genetics via Global Influence

My first job in the healthcare industry was in Oncology.  

I worked for a very progressive Radiation Oncologist who specialized in prostate cancer.  He treated other cancers but his primary focus was on prostate cancer with 90% of his patients having that diagnosis.  

When a patient is receiving radiation treatments, they typically have treatment every day for a specific amount of time (2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks) and some times running concurrently with chemotherapy.  

During my tenure, I got to know not only the patients who are battling cancer but their families.  It was so heartwarming watching the unofficial support groups in the waiting room and the friendships blossom.  It was also heartbreaking when a long time fighter loses their battle.  We became so close with our patients and their families that our hearts broke right along with theirs.  

It's so important to remind the men in our lives to get screened for prostate cancer! With that being said- I am sharing with you a great way to win $2,000.  $1,000 for you, $1,000 for the man in your life.

Summer Grilling Time

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Summer is almost here and you know what that means, right?

Time to break out the grill!

I have been working incredibly hard to get my patio area in tip top shape so I can have friends and family over for evenings of hanging out and eating good food.  My patio is clean, my produce is growing nicely and it's time to add a Char-Broil Kettleman Grill to the lineup!

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta- Spinach Con Queso with Delimex

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Cinco De Mayo Fiesta- Spinach Con Queso with Delimex

Living in the southwest, we take our southwestern grub serious.  We love to mix things up a bit.  Maybe a little Tex-Mex or keep it traditional. Either ways, we love our Mexican food! We really, REALLY love Cinco de Mayo around here. I used to work at a Mexican restaurant several years ago that introduced me queso con espinaca (aka Spinach Con Queso).  It's so creamy, flavorful and goes with everything.  

Eggs? Check

Chips? Check

Delimex? Check

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta- Spinach Con Queso with Delimex

Victoria Jackson Makeup Giveaway!

Last month, I wrote a review about Victoria Jackson Cosmetics (read more here).  I love how I am able to achieve the no-makeup look with Victoria Jackson Cosmetics and I am still using the makeup daily.

Now, I am REALLY excited because Victoria Jackson Cosmetics has generously provided me the opportunity to GIVEAWAY an amazing prize bundle to YOU! Yay!!!!

The makeup bundle includes:  Foundation Duo (Light, Medium, Tan, or Dark), Fine Line Eye Pencil (Black), and Here Comes the Sun Bronzing Powder. Total value: $67.90 (pictured below)

This giveaway ends on 4/24 and is open to residents of the United States AND Canada!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, right now, if you use the LOVEVJC code online, you can save 25% off your purchase.  Code expires on 4/30/15 so hurry!

Good luck to all who enter!

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Dasani: Flavor or Fizz in the Garden

This post is in partnership with Dasani and Target.

I am probably driving you guys insane with ramblings about my little garden.  What can I say? I am so excited because this is my first time gardening since moving here to Arizona almost 20 years ago and it's been going pretty well!  

When the first tomato fruit grew, I became addicted and have been growing my little space.  I am adding to it.  I am soon going to be adding a standing palette to my garden and I am really looking forward to it.  

What I am NOT looking forward is to the heat that will be here in about... oh, 6-8 weeks.  I shudder at the thought.  That means early morning or late night work outside.  And keeping hydrated.  

Some times, plain water can be boring.  We all need to keep our bodies hydrated to stay healthy.  I absolutely love Dasani Sparkling and Dasani Drops Infusions.  Just add some Dasani Drops Infusions to your water and you get a fun, flavor explosion! My favorite is the lime! Oh my.... hellooo delicious! 

How about sparkling water? I love the refreshing fizz and flavor of the black cherry when I have been outside.

Imagine... ice cold, crisp, fizzy and black cherry.  

Sounds perfect right?

Which do you prefer: Sparkling Water or Flavor Drops? 
Which of the flavors sound appealing to you? 

For a limited time, you can get coupons for Dasani Sparkling and Dasani Drops Infusions via the Target Cartwheel App!

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#WhenImHungry: The Grumpy Apartment Gardener

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WhenImHungry #CollectiveBias

Who are you when you are hungry? I'm a bear.  A total grumpy, cantankerous, "GET OFF MY LAWN!" kind of bear.  Also, a total drama queen.  If I'm hungry, don't say a single thing to me.  Just throw SNICKERS® at me until I simmer down. Don't say I didn't warn ya! 

Speaking of lawns, I don't have one.  Ha.  I live in an apartment and back in February, I told you about my little apartment garden.  Two months later, my little plant family has flourished.

To say, I've been become a bit obsessed with growing my little plant empire is an understatement.  I began with a jalapeno plant, a cherry tomato plant, cilantro, basil and hybrid desert tomatoes.

Meet: gourmet salad mix, mint, Amish Paste Roma heirloom tomateos and Sandia heirloom peppers.  

Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder documentary.

Do you remember the first time you read Little House in the Big Woods? Or the first time you watched  "Little House on the Prairie"?

Laura Ingalls Wilder's tales of her extremely fascinating life as a true pioneer girl has fascinated children for generations.  I know many of us adults still enjoy reading about her life and still being completely enthralled by her story.

Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder documentary.

Her childhood was full of love, misfortunes, hardships and living life.  Ma and Pa Ingalls absolutely adored their children and it is evidenced by how Laura spoke of them.

Currently Obsessing: European Butter, Tea, and Georgette Heyer (+Giveaway)

There is nothing better than a day when everything turns out perfectly.  You discover delicious European butter, you get all your chores done early and you can enjoy a book on the patio with a cup of tea and the silence of the early morning.  Dreamy.

Finlandia European Butter is heaven.  HEAVEN.   As a book reader, I have read descriptions about butter that was handmade, creamy and flavorful enough to eat straight up and hadn't really tasted ANY that fit that description except Finlandia. It's everything that butter is supposed to taste like.  The level of salt is perfect, the smooth and creamy taste, and savoriness just started singing the mermaid song.  #ITakeButterSeriously Non-GMO (per European standards), no added hormones, pure milk from family-owned farms and NOTHING artificial.

3 Reasons to Prepare Your Own Taxes

3 reasons to prepare your own taxes

This post is sponsored by TaxAct but all opinions are 100% my own

Tax season is here. Yes, it is HERE. Just a few days until the April 15th deadline is here. Many people end up paying a tax professional to do their taxes because it's overwhelming or they think it's too difficult. I have been doing my own 1040A taxes on my own my entire adult life.  I don't mind taxes (I did get an undergrad in accounting) but I know that it can be overwhelming and cause a LOT of anxiety for many, many people.  A great online tax program like TaxAct can help walk you through the process to make it as painless as possible!  

3 Reasons to prepare your OWN taxes.

#TheHobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Blu-Ray Giveaway

disclaimer: Prize has been provided in conjunction with the films release. I am not receiving ANY compensation for this post but I am just excited to offer this great giveaway to YOU!

I wish I lived in Middle Earth.  I would either live in the Shire (Hellooo.. elevensies and lots of merry Hobbits!) or in one of the Elvish realms.  I would totally live in the Woodland Realm because of Thranduil.  THRANDUIL.  I don't want a prince on a stallion, gimme a king on an elk.

SoFabU On The Road: Phoenix Edition.

disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Collective Bias/Social Fabric U but all opinions are mine.

March 28th began like any other day.  I woke up at predawn hours and started getting ready but instead of getting ready for my day job, I was getting ready to head to SoFabU on the Road: Phoenix.

 I was nervous and anxious.

The last 10 1/2 years of my life has been consumed by doctors appointments, therapy appointments, surgeries, neuro-rehab, special education,  college and work.  "Socializing" outside of those "circles" has been non-existent for me.  Heading out to an event full of "strangers" is a huge deal for me. When I pulled into the parking lot of the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, I was shaking and ready to just drive away.  I told myself that even if I didn't talk to a soul, I would leave with a wealth of information and that is priceless.

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

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