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Recipe: Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizza

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Recipe: Buffalo Chicken French Bread Pizza


*fans herself*  It's super hot right now.  We have been living with Extreme Heat the last 10 or so days and that means a few things.  First- Hibernating for most of the summer. Second- Becoming creative with indoor activities to prevent boredom.  Third- I really, really don't want to cook complicated meals.  I am sure you can understand it. 

We have a lot of fun game nights in, late night bowling, movie nights and craft nights at home.  It's fun and really requires us to become creative.  I also love being able to create easy and totally effortless meals.  

Spicy African-Style Peanut Chicken Stew (Super Easy!)

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #GetSaucy #CollectiveBias

Spicy African-Style Peanut Chicken Stew (Super Easy!)

So.  My child is obsessed with all things peanut butter.  And chocolate but right now, I am focusing on her peanut butter love.  Her school is not peanut free (but they do have precautions in place) but her summer program is a nut-free zone.  She loves her PB&J sandwiches but she understands and is totally cool with taking a turkey & cheese or ham & cheese sandwich.  Easy peasy.  When she comes home from program, I try to give her a snack with peanut butter or sometimes, for dinner I will make a peanut chicken or a super simple African-Style Peanut Chicken stew.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Soda

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #IceCreamHero #CollectiveBias

Old Fashioned Chocolate Soda

Father's Day has come and gone.  I am sure you are aware but my father passed away in 2013.  He was a teen in the 50s.  Rocked the 50s Greaser Look- white t-shirt with rolled sleeves, cuffed jeans and slicked back hair.  I remember him talking about chocolate sodas being his favorite drink at the soda shops when he was running around Phoenix as a young man. 

In loving memory- October 29, 1940 - June 17, 2013

Simple lifestyle changes to make while trying to lose weight

Simple lifestyle changes to make while trying to lose weight
Today’s post is sponsored by Plenti, by my love for their yogurt is all my own!

Since I posted last week about how I was a bit SHOCKED about how much weight I have packed on and how my goal is to get healthier and moving more, I have started making small lifestyle changes that are going to make a BIG difference in the long run.  Create habits that cultivate a lifestyle change.

These are some simple lifestyle changes I am making while I am trying to lose weight and get HEALTHIER.

1.  Better drink choices.

I am a coffee addict.  I have been trying for awhile to wean myself off the habit by ordering an iced coffee, half caffeine with one sugar (versus three) and half the amount of cream.   I HATE IT BLACK. 

Wordless Wednesday: Laughter


It really IS the best medicine.

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Health & Body Shock

*breathes in deeply*

I've known for a bit that my weight was climbing.

I'm 99% sure I've discussed my desire to get myself healthier on this blog before.

It has been one of those things that I have chatted about but never took it too seriously.  I mean, most of my clothes fit me.  They may not fit NICELY but I can get them on, so I'm fine, right?  Vanity is not my primary goal but feeling good is... and I don't feel good.  AT ALL.  I'm sluggish.  I am tired.  I am cranky.

Loved this photo

When I went last month on a local adventure, I was mostly behind the lens but I was in a few photos.  The ones I really liked, I posted. I saw some photos that really surprised me.

I am not attempting to shame myself but I am also aware of the fact that *I* am not healthy.

It has zero to do with the number on the scale but 100% with the fact that my knees hurt, I am easily tired, and I am carrying excessive belly weight.  I want to live to see my daughter become an adult.  There are women who are MUCH heavier than I am who are doing Crossfit where I can barely walk across a parking lot without becoming winded.


I am not sure exactly what the plan is to get myself into a healthier body but I am going to achieve it.

I would love to stop hiding behind the lens, hiding behind ill-fitted clothing and feeling terrible about myself and live life as we only get one shot.

I am making small changes- cutting down my portion sizes.

I also am going to do the following:

Photographing my progress.
Join the gym.
Meal planning.

It's going to be a destination- who is with me?

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Who else is an Odd Mom Out?

Have you ever felt like the odd one out? That's pretty much the story of my life.

Awkward, inappropriate, crass and maybe... people just don't get my absolutely hilarious and sparkling personality.  I don't fit in very often, if ever at all.  We all know those Stepford Moms, the ones who are absolutely perfect while there we are, giggling over farts and cussing.

That's Jill from Bravo's newest, upcoming scripted comedy "Odd Mom Out".

Because... Frito Chili Pie, that's why.

Frito Chili Pie... Nachos?

When I was in high school many years ago (don't you dare ask how many...), I worked at Walmart in the snack bar (do you remember those?!) and I would make a TON of Frito Chili Pies EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and I ate them... practically every. single. day. 

To this day, I still get a serious craving for them.

Hormel Chili. Cheese Sauce. Salty, crunchy corn chips.  

Frito Chili Pie... Nachos?

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