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Purse Essentials for Women on the Go

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Purse Essentials for Women on the Go

Crossbody bags save my sanity.  I am totally not kidding.  For daily life, like going to work, a regular shoulder purse is totally fine but when I am out with my girlfriends, on dates or going out to events with Em, a crossbody bag is a lifesaver.  I love having my hands free and not having to worry about my purse falling, finding a place to sit it down or just having it in my way.

Personally, every girl should have one in their closet and have it filled with these purse essentials that are perfect for the woman who is always on the go! 

Halloween Fun with Fanta's Freaky Foto Booth

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fanta Freaky Foto Booth. All opinions are 100% mine.
Fanta's Freaky Foto Booth

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times- I am convinced Fanta Orange Soda is the soda of Halloween.  It really needs to be made official.  Right?!!

Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday even if I do fail at it... *clears throat*, um, so yeah- it's awesome. I love the fun costume ideas, the food and all the fun activities. I love scary movies, popping popcorn and drinking Fanta.  

Easy Halloween Mummy Cups Tutorial

This Easy Halloween Mummy Cups tutorial and shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.#CVS4FantaFun#CollectiveBias

Easy Halloween Mummy Cups Tutorial

Who doesn't love this time of year? Seriously, from Labor Day until New Year's, it's just one activity after another, one holiday after another and I love every second of it.  It's exhausting but well worth it.  Getting together with friends and family and making memories is what it's all about.  

This year, we are splitting up Halloween fun a bit.  Friday night will be going to Trunk or Treat at Em's school and then Saturday night, we will hang out at home, pass out candy, eat spooky snacks and drink Fanta Orange Soda out of these crazy, easy (but so freakin' cute!) Halloween Mummy Cups 

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Two weeks ago, Emma and I had the opportunity to head a little north of Phoenix to Dewey-Humboldt, AZ to attend the Pumpkin Fest at Mortimer Farms and it was a blast.  When I was given the opportunity to go, I couldn't say no! I have been wanting to visit the farm for years and I am so glad we finally went.  Even though we received free entry in exchange for writing about the event, my thoughts are my own.

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Dewey-Humboldt is a little over an hour north of Phoenix and makes for a nice day trip out of the city.   The Mortimer Family opened the farm in 2010 after the popular Young's Farm closed down farm operations and they have done a fantastic job of keeping the farm spirit alive in the area.  

Mortimer Family Farms boasts 300 acres of farmland.  They have two major annual events- the Sweet Corn Festival and the Pumpkin Fest.  They also offer turkeys for sale for Thanksgiving, a wonderful country store (Cherry Cider and Black Eyed Pea dip? Thank you very much!), and farm meat.  

Review: Pumpkin Fest Adventure at Mortimer Farms

Save on Bulu Box!

The perfect partner in the pursuit of a healthier you, Bulu Box is like having a personal trainer and a nutritionist as a best friend. Each month, a box of healthy discoveries is shipped right to your door for just $10. You learn about that month's 4-5 premium samples, try each one and see what fits into your individual healthy lifestyle. For sharing your opinions on each month's samples through a quick survey, we will give you 50 Rewards Points (that's $5!) to use in our shop to get more of your favorites. 

Get a 3 Month Subscription for just $15 (regularly $30)! at Bulu Box - Use code WOWZA 

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Love With Cooking Coupon Deal!

Love Cooking Company has set out with a mission to make baking a simple task. Partnered with some great names in the baking and entertainment industries, Love has crafted bakeware that helps you easily achieve the best-looking baked goods on the table, from filled cakes to bite-size desserts and more.

The PushPan (embed link http://www.lovecookingcompany.com/dessert-trends-we-love) is a 100% watertight and leak-proof cake pan with a patented silicone-lined removable base making it perfect for cheesecakes, pies and more! An alternative to a spring-form pan, you simply place the pan on something sturdy, press the sides down, and voila - the perfect cake! The PushPan also comes with a 25 year warranty (embed http://love-cooking-company-checkout.myshopify.com/pages/product-registration)

The Mrs. Fields Cutie Cakes (embed link http://www.lovecookingcompany.com/dessert-trends-we-love) pan creates 48 bite-size cakes when you need a small amount of something sweet. It's ideal for savory options, like mini corn dogs or potato pancakes. After you create your tiny treats, just pop the pan in the dishwasher.

The Mrs. Fields Fill N Flip (embed link http://www.lovecookingcompany.com/dessert-trends-we-love) is the easiest way to make a layered cake and create a surprise center that everyone will love. Once you bake your cake, add filling to the side with the large opening, place the non-filled layer on top, and enjoy! Plus, the pan is dishwasher-safe, making clean-up a breeze.

My Readers receive 10% off your entire order - Love Cooking is inviting you to take 10% off your entire order on lovecookingcompany.com with the promo code LOVE10. For a limited time only.
For details on this and other special offers go to http://usfamilycoupons.com/coupon.php?regionid=75&bid=12246&dealid=2092 .@usfg

Stay Connected with Love
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Wendell August Promo

 Decorate your home and give unique and personalized gifts this holiday season with handcrafted, American-made products from Wendell August. The artisans at Wendell August, America's oldest forge, hand create every piece of giftware in their collection. Choose from ornaments, Christmas decor, personalized gifts, entertaining accessories, or jewelry. 

Save 25% on your order through the month of November with code 25NOVB. http://usfamilycoupons.com/coupon.php?regionid=75&bid=12255&dealid=2101 

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What is food storage?

"PreservedFood1". Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

What is Food Storage?
Guest Author, Lee Flynn

Food storage has probably been around as long as humankind has! Wise people have always put aside food during times of plenty so they can eat when, for whatever reason, food is not so plentiful. Even in today's world of a drive-through fast food on every block and well-stocked supermarkets competing for our business, anything from a natural disaster to unplanned loss of income to some man-made calamity can disrupt our access to the food we need to survive. That makes emergency food storage a responsibility each of us needs to take seriously!

Halloween Survival Guide

Sponsored post by Lunchbox

Halloween is right around the corner!  If you haven't yet planned out your menu, I am so excited to share this SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Survival Guide that you can download here

What are some of your favorite tips for surviving Halloween?

College Planning Made Easy with AZ529

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arizona Commission for Postseconday Education for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you saving for your child's future college expenses?  

Did you know that today's incoming kindergartners will need approximately a quarter of a million dollars to attend a four year college? Mind. Blown.  

 Most parents agree that a college education is an important investment for their child's future but only 1/3 have a plan to pay for college.  Today's college graduates are graduating with huge amounts of student debt and that's why preparing NOW for the future is important.  Nobody wants the future generations to be saddled with huge student loan payments. Investing in Az529 can help ease the burden of college expenses.

What is Az529?

Nanny NOSE Best! Enter to Win a YEAR'S Supply of Boogie Wipes!

Who can't use an ENTIRE YEAR'S Supply of Boogie Wipes? I mean... Nanny Nose Best, after all! I am so excited to partner with Boogie Wipes and a ton of AMAZING bloggers for this amazing giveaway!

Enter to Win a Year's Supply of Boogie Wipes!

Complete the form below to share the Boogie Wipes video with your friends, and enter to win a year's supply of Boogie Wipes plus a $100 Target gift card. (If the form is not appearing, click here to enter.)

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The Solution to Snotty

While we may not be able to help you when your kids act snotty, the Boogie Wipes Nanny definitely has solutions when it comes to snotty little noses. Watch the video to learn more.

What Goes Around, Comes Around with AmazingKarma

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AmazingKarma.com. All opinions are 100% mine.
The non-religious concept of Karma is defined as "what goes around, comes around".  Do you believe in the concept of Karma? 

I truly believe most people do believe in the concept, regardless of background.  If a person does something bad and then something bad happens to them, many of us think "That's Karma." and vice versa, if a person does something good.  More and more people are practicing acts of kindness.  As humans, we aren't perfect and are definitely works in progress but in reality, I believe most people want to be good.  

How about being recognized for good deeds? Or even called out for the not-so-good deeds? What if the recognition helps earn Karma points that can help others? Amazing Karma Gives away 200K Free Karma Cards starting in November to help reward people for good AND bad deeds.  

What are Karma Cards? 

Easy Mongolian Beef with Mushrooms

I have finally decided to make this again and I am so glad I did. It's held up well and I am still in love with this super easy Mongolian Beef with Mushrooms recipe!

Yes.  I am STILL on an Asian food kick.  I had such fulfillment with the Garlic Ginger Chicken I made the other day that I am still craving more.  This time I wanted Mongolian Beef.  I found a copy cat for PF Chang's Mongolian Beef on Damn Delicious and had to try it.  I did make some changes but I did follow their recipe in spirit.  

World Pasta Month at Buca di Beppo (And a giveaway!)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buca di Beppo®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh my pasta! I love a good pasta dish, don't you? Al dente pasta, savory sauce, lots of veggies and meat.  


Did you know that October is World Pasta Month?

Easy, Cheesy French Bread + A Giveaway

Thank you Michael Angelo's for sponsoring today's post and easy cheesy french bread recipe and as always, opinions are mine.

Easy, Cheesy French Bread

I have been craving Italian food lately.  Like seriously craving it.  However, I feel like I am dealing with a heat hangover.  Last week, we were dealing the final swing of monsoon heat and this week, it's COOL!  Go ahead and laugh at me but I was ready to break out with a sweater when temps dropped to 81.

Sue me.

Open windows with fall air blowing in my apartment.  Ahhhhhhhh.  Relief.

That means, it's time to turn on the oven.  Hallelujah!!! 

Recipe: Taco Burgers & Scallion Cilantro Lime Ranch

This post featuring this awesome recipe for Taco Burgers and homemade Scallion Cilantro Lime Ranch originally appeared on my blog August 2014.  

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PackedWithSavings #CollectiveBias

Recipe: Taco Burgers & Scallion Cilantro Lime Ranch. AKA Mexican Sloppy Joes or Bun Taco

One of my favorite foods as a kid was a taco burger.  

Literally- a taco on a bun.  You could even call these Mexican sloppy joes but boy do I love them.  I have had a serious craving for them lately.  

Dance Practice Snack Kit

This shop and snack kit has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FuelTheirAdventures #CollectiveBias

Dance Practice Snack Kit

Who loves the Nutcracker ballet?  Me, too! I am so excited that Em will be able to perform in it again this year! When Em suffered her traumatic brain injury, my dreams of her being able to learn to do ballet was left behind.  Although she won't be able to plie, arabesque, or fouette, she can still dance and twirl in her own adapted form.  

Between her therapeutic adaptive ballet sessions, practicing for the Nutcracker, adaptive exercise programs and her rehabilitative therapies... she's a girl on the go.  To top it all off, she's a growing 12 year old girl! 

Dance Practice Snack Kit

Recipe: Macaroni & Cheese Soup

It's finally under 100!!!  Fall has arrived.  It's sweater and boots time! Yeehaw! Just kidding BUT it really is time to chow down on some serious comfort food!  I don't know about you but I feel that there is nothing as comforting as a bowl of macaroni and cheese or a bowl of soup.  

What if you lost your hearing...

What if you lost your hearing...#ListenHear #CoverYourEars #GenerationDeaf ad

Thank you EPIC Hearing Healthcare for sponsoring this conversation about hearing loss and hearing aids but as always, my opinion is mine. 

I've always taken my hearing for granted.  The ability to hear my favorite song, listen to a movie while I work on my blog, hearing the birds outside and my daughter giggle are just every day bits of my life that I just don't think twice about it.

Giveaway: Ninja Mega Kitchen System

I am so incredibly excited to offer you a chance to win this AMAZING Ninja Mega Kitchen System

*this post contains affiliate links**
Ninja Giveaway Image  
Every home cook needs a good blender and food processor. Now you can have the best of both appliances in one device! Yep, you heard me right! The Ninja Kitchen System provides both the blender and food processing bowl that can be used with the same base. With cooler temperatures on their way, this device will help you prepare a delicious creamy soup and yummy homemade salad dressing. Nothing says autumn like soup and salad for dinner.

 Don’t have one? You’re in luck! It’s time for a Ninja Kitchen System Giveaway!

Do you need a Ninja Mega Kitchen System??

Vegetarian Mamma and Our Life As An EpiFamily have partnered with some of our favorite blogger friends (see blogger list in Rafflecopter below) to bring you this amazing Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771)! With a retail list price of $249.99 this system boasts a XL 72-oz professional blender with total crushing technology, XL 8-cup food processing bowl for chopping and dough making, and 2 professional Nutri Ninja Cups. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

 As a special thank you to all of our faithful readers, we have each pitched in to purchase this Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL771) for one lucky reader to win. It brings us such joy to know that one of you will be the winner.

Giveaway Time…

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Review: Amazing Grass Green Superfood

 I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program

Next summer is my 20 year class reunion.  20 YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


That hits a girl right in her heart.
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